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Forum Etiquette

General Etiquette

Certain rules of unspoken etiquette are recommended to be followed when using this forum (quoted from Wikipedia). They include:

  • One should read all the rules and guidelines established by the community.
  • One should always be courteous.
  • Before creating a new topic thread, one is advised to search to see if a similar topic already exists.
  • Contributors should follow standard grammar and spelling rules and avoid slang.
  • If the forum is categorized, one should strive to post in the correct section.
  • When making a technical inquiry, one should include as much technical information as possible, especially in the subject line. Or better: use the 'report a problem' link at the bottom of each page.
  • Contributors are asked to stay on-topic.
  • Contributors should avoid double posting and crossposting (posting the same thread in several forums or boards).
  • To avoid appearing self-absorbed, one should respond to topics started by others more often than starting topics of their own.
  • Contributors should avoid the use of all CAPITAL LETTERS in posts. All CAPS is considered "shouting" and causes readability issues.
  • One is advised not to resurrect a very old topic if nothing significant will be added. This practice is known as revival or Necroing.
  • One should try to refrain from lashing back at a poorly behaving member or participating in a flame war; instead, notify the messageboard's staff of the event.
  • When quoting a previous post, one should only include the relevant portion of that post. Contributors are requested to keep in mind that their audience can likely still see the message they are quoting on the same screen and can read it again if need be.
  • In this forum: Please do not use animated pictures as avatars or attachments to your posts.
  • In this forum: For clarity reasons, please avoid using signatures which appear at the end of each of your posts. The automatic signature feature has been disabled for this reason. The member name and photo/avatar on the left side of each posting are sufficient to make you visible as the author of each posting. You also have the option of adding a personal web link in your profile.

Astro-Forum Etiquette

This is a forum where people interested in astrology can meet, discuss and learn from each other. As there are astrologers with all levels of knowledge, we would appreciate it if you considered the following important points when you're posting in this forum:

To those new to astrology:

  • If you are completely new to astrology, it is a good idea to look at your chart and the interpretations in the Free Horoscopes section first (e.g. AstroClick Portrait) in order to get a rough idea what it's all about.
  • It may also be helpful to read one or more of our introductions to astrology to understand how astrology works:

    Introduction to Astrology
    First Steps in Astrology
    Mapping the Psyche

  • If you then wish other astrologers to take a look at your chart in the forum, please don't forget to give your exact birth data (date, time, place) and ideally post your chart drawing. This makes it easier to get an overview.
  • It is also helpful if you focus on a specific topic that interests you, e.g. love, career, home life, etc. rather than asking in general: "Please look at my chart and tell me what you see."
  • And please remember that people volunteer to tell you something about your chart. So do not demand an interpretation or take it for granted.

To advanced students of astrology and astrologers:

  • Please consider the level of knowledge of the person you're replying to in your choice of terminology, complexity, in-depth analysis, so that the discussion can take place on a level appropriate to all who take part.
  • Especially, if you reply to a beginner's question, make sure that you don't overwhelm this person with astrological jargon.

To all members:

  • Please also stick to the main topic of the thread and don't diverge too much. Should a new topic arise, start a separate thread in the appropriate category.
  • And please do not 'hi-jack' others' threads in the manner of "I also have this, what does it mean for me?" Start your own.

If we all agree on these terms, everybody should be able to benefit greatly from the use of the forum.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Astrodienst Forum Moderators


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