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    27-May-2018, 12:35 UT/GMT
    Jupiter165' 8"r15s28
    Chiron147' 7"3n53
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Deleting Postings

The forum is a place for public discussion. Like in a real discussion, it is not possible to un-say something which one has said. It would totally disrupt a discussion thread if participants could later delete their contributions. In most cases, there have been answers by other members to these contributions, and they would be left hanging in the air and fail to make sense.

Only for a short time after the posting has been made, it can still be edited or deleted.

However, the forum software can tolerate only a limited number of threads in the total of the forum, due to technical limitations. The forum slows down if there are too many threads. Therefore, periodically, about once or twice per year, threads from the personal discussion boards are cleaned out, after they have been inactive for at least six months.

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