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Frequently asked questions

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  1. What can astrology do for me? What are its limits?

    This is what astrology can offer you

    • a deeper understanding of yourself, your partner, your child ...
    • clues on your strengths and weaknesses, on challenges and chances in your life ...
    • a closer look at life cycles and topics which are relevant at a certain point in your life ...

    Astrology cannot

    • make decisions for you ...
    • tell you whether or not you should get married, are with the right partner or will win the lottery ...
    • know the environment you live or grew up in, the circumstances of your life ...
    • forecast events in the future ...

  2. Why does Astrology use the time of birth instead of the time of conception?

    Astrology is pragmatic, it uses what is available. Birth time is an observable and well documented quantity - the government records it in its birth registry offices. By nature, conception happens in secrecy - making love in the dark under the bed covers, and actual fertilization of the egg sometime up to 48 hours later inside the woman's body.
    A more "esoteric" explanation would be: The child "becomes" a personality of his or her own with the first breath taken in independently from the mother.

  3. I was born on a day when the Sun changes signs. How do I know what sign I am?

    The Sun does not change signs at midnight on fixed days in your time zone. It changes signs at totally uneven times, and the exact date and time varies from sign to sign and from year to year.
    The 'sun sign lists' published in newspaper horoscopes are just approximate guidelines - you cannot rely on them if you are born on a border day around a sign change. One needs to compute the Sun's position for the particular date, time and location when you were born. This is what we do.
    The same variation happens with all sign changes. You can see the current ingress of the sun into a new sign in the transit list of the Daily Horoscope. The exact time is given for the reference place you have chosen.

  4. Where can I get information about astrological terms?

    Please, use the Astro Wiki.


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