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    18-Jun-2018, 08:52 UT/GMT
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Technical Problems > Missing Astrological Symbols

  1. In "Current Planets" and the Daily Horoscope, no or wrong astrological symbols are displayed.

    For the display of astrological symbols (glyphs), a web font is used: this is a special kind of character set that is usually installed by all modern browsers automatically. In rare cases, this character set is not installed or ignored by the browser. It is also possible that the file that contains the character set is damaged due to a computer crash. In case you can see letters instead of astrological symbols for Mars or Aries (in this case E and a), the character set is not correctly installed on your computer.

    To solve the problem, please do the following:

    • First, reload the page while holding down the 'shift' key (capital letters).
    • If this does not work, make sure that your browser settings allow the use of character sets that websites provide. Not all browsers have this as a default setting.
    • If this setting is correct but your browser still does not display the symbols, delete the complete browser history, including the browser cache and restart your computer.

    You can also install the character set directly on your computer. It is called adienst1 and can be downloaded for personal use from the Astrodienst website: http://www.astro.com/h/adienst1-webfont.ttf

    The way you activate the downloaded character set on your computer depends on your operating system.

  2. Current Planets, wrong representation
    Wrong representation
    Current Planets, correct representation
    Correct representation


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