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  1. I ordered a relationship horoscope. Is it possible to get the same reading from my partner's point of view?

    Yes, it is. Just write a regular e-mail to order@astro.ch and ask to be sent the reverse Relationship Horoscope (TPR) for xxxxx, where xxxxx is the number shown in the front window of the report you have already.

  2. Could you name the aspects used in the Relationship Horoscope on the margin?

    A synthesised report like Liz Greene's Relationship horoscope is not composed in such a way that each text section would be associated with a particular isolated horoscope factor. Therefore no such annotation is possible. This is different for more primitive, cookbook-style reports which do not synthesise.
    The text of the Relationship Horoscope is completely free of astrological terminology. Its purpose is not to teach astrology, but to help understanding a relationship. This is difficult enough, without attempting to teach astrology at the same time.
    Furthermore, the Relationship Horoscope is not based on the Composite alone. It uses synastry aspects between the two natal charts, and triggering effects between the composite and each natal chart, in addition to the composite.

  3. What is the difference between the Relationship Horoscope and the Horoscope for Two?

    Primarily, the Relationship Horoscope was designed for sexual relationships, while the Horoscope for Two is more neutral and can be used for all relationships, such as those between mother and daughter, colleagues at work, twins, and so on, as well as for those between lovers.
    There is also a technical difference: The Relationship Horoscope is an interpretation based on both birth charts as well as the composite chart for the partners, while the Horoscope for Two is based on a Davison Relationship Chart, known as a Combine Chart in Europe.

  4. Is the Relationship Horoscope only accurate for love relationships or can it also be applied to other kinds of partnerships?

    Even if our Relationship Horoscope and other partner-related horoscopes are written and worded for love relationships, they can still be applied to other kinds of close human relationships, e.g. in families, among non-couples living together or for work place human relationships.
    The reader has to transpose the text in his/her mind, to translate the love-related expressions to a more general relationship context. The principles which are active between two particular persons remain however the same.

  5. I have ordered several Relationship Horoscopes with different partners, but it shows the same or similar relationship patterns for all of them, even though they have completely different star signs. How is that possible?

    To determine the relationship patterns in the Relationship Horoscope, Liz Greene's model uses:
    • certain parental patterns in the natal chart of the partner. The star sign (i.e. the sign in which the Sun is placed) is only one factor among many.
    • interdependencies between your chart and that of your partner. We call this 'evocation'.
    From a psychological point of view, we (unconsciously) tend to be 'repeat offenders' in relationship matters. We are masters at attracting the same themes again and again, even if in a slightly different costume. Of course, this is not a fixed 'law of nature', but it does happen quite often.

    In Liz Greene's model, this is related to the 'parental complexes' which refer to patterns that are shaped through our inner experience of our parents - who are the first people in our lives with whom we have an essential relationship.


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