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Frequently asked questions

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  1. Are my data treated confidentially?

    Yes, absolutely. We regard all information and birth data we receive from our users and our customers as confidential and treat it as such. Read more about confidentiality.

  2. Is it safe to order online?

    Our shop is secure. Once you get to the checkout area, all communication is encrypted. There is no risk involved in entering credit card details in encrypted http-secure mode (SSL). Only Astrodienst can read the information. And we deal with it completely confidentially.

    Your credit card number is forwarded directly to the processing bank institute. Astrodienst has no access to your complete credit card data. Only the type of card and 4 digits are saved for administrative reasons.

    Read more about confidentiality.

  3. Could you explain exactly, how you can guarantee that using my credit card for your services is safe? I would feel safer if my credit card data were deleted immediately after they have been processed.

    We understand your concern. However, this is completely unnecessary.
    Indeed, Astrodienst only knows 4 digits of your card number and the expiry date.

    Credit card companies in Switzerland have not allowed storage of credit card data by the merchant, i.e. by us.

    We never receive your complete credit card information, because this remains with our payment provider, Datatrans AG in Zürich, during the whole payment process. Datatrans is highly insured and closely associated with credit card companies and banks, both of whom obviously know your card number, too.

    We, the merchant, only receive a so-called alias for your card and some digits that we display to you when you place a new order. This allows you to identify your card. The alias allows the payment provider Datatrans to identify your card.

    Datatrans generates different aliases for each merchant. These can only be used by this particular merchant. Even if merchant B who also works with Datatrans were able to steal our stored aliases, these would be useless for transactions issued by B.

    The alias is only valid for further transactions by Astrodienst via Datatrans. Should our system be burgled and the alias stolen, nobody could make use of it. Only Astrodienst can process further orders, for its own services.

    But of course, we do not do this, if they do not come from you.

    Even Astrodienst could not use your alias to make payments with third parties. The card details never go through our system, so that no Astrodienst employee could misuse it at any stage in the process.

    It is a completely secure system.

    And yet, we can offer our customers the convenient service of not having to enter their credit card details every time they place an order.


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