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Frequently asked questions

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  1. Do you take Chiron into account in your reports?

    In many reports, Chiron is included, often invisibly, sometimes just indirectly in that it is part of the rule set considered for the analysis. Direct references are found in Liz Greene's Yearly Horoscope Analysis and the Long-term Perspectives. Indirectly it is used in the Child's Horoscope, in Career and Vocation, and - to a limited extent - in the Psychological Horoscope.

  2. Are you planning to take Lilith into account in your (free) reports?

    No. Our interpretations are written by renowned authors (even in the Free Horoscopes area), and reflect their astrological method of the time when they published their respective books. If they did not work with Lilith then, we see no reason why we should add it to their work afterwards. Besides, Lilith is not very commonly used in the US or English-speaking countries.
    The only exception is the German version of Transits of the Year. The German-Italian author Lianella Livaldi Laun has written the Lilith texts for this report - they are also published as a book.
    We do not offer these in the Free Horoscope section, since some of them are quite "hard to take", and we only want to make them available to people who are seriously interested. This is the case with customers who order this report, but it is not the case for those who click on a free online feature for a "lighter" view of things.

  3. Why are not all reports available for all ages?

    The reasons for age restrictions in horoscopes are manyfold. For example, Liz Greene's Psychological Horoscope or Career and Vocation horoscope are written for adult readers. A lot of the content does not describe the still developing personality of a child appropriately. Therefore the age limit for most of her reports is 14 years. Also many other reports describe personal issues on a level which simply does not apply to a child.
    Some technical reasons exist as well, for example, a transit report for a newborn child would show a full set of conjunctions, which need several years to resolve, especially in the case of slow planets which turn retrograde. For such reports - and for the online daily horoscope - we have set the age limit to 6 years.
    We have special reports for children, or for relationships with children, and for these there is no age restriction. In any case we require a person to be born already. For ethical reasons we do not want to see our reports used for the timing of planned births.

    Here is a list showing the age restrictions on our reports:

    AstroIntelligence Reports Author Age (min)
    Psychological Horoscope Liz Greene 14 years
    Career and Vocation Liz Greene 10 years
    Yearly Horoscope Analysis Liz Greene 14 years
    Long-term Perspectives Liz Greene 10 years
    Child's Horoscope Liz Greene from birth
    Relationship Horoscope Liz Greene 14 years
    Transits of the Year Robert Hand 6 years
    Personal Horoscope Calendar Robert Hand 6 years
    Horoscope for Two Mona Riegger from birth
    Money and Success Markus Jehle 14 years

    AstroText Reports Author Age (min)
    AstroText Portrait Robert Pelletier 6 years
    AstroText Love John Townley 14 years
    AstroText Youth Robert Hand from birth
    AstroText Partner Robert Hand 14 years
    AstroText Forecast Robert Hand 6 years
    Color Horoscope Johannes Schneider 10 years

    Free (Short) Reports Author Age (min)
    Personal Daily Horoscope Robert Hand 6 years
    Personal Portrait Robert Pelletier 6 years
    Love, Flirtation and Sex John Townley 14 years
    Children and Young People Robert Hand from birth
    Partner Robert Hand 14 years
    Forecast Robert Hand  6 years


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