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Frequently asked questions

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  1. Why is my Psychological Type the same as someone else's?

    Our Horoscope Analysis is generated in two steps:

    1. The chart itself is evaluated using a highly sophisticated interpretation model created by Liz Greene in order to assess the crucial astrological and psychological links within the horoscope and identify the central topics at stake. The different chapters use different astrological techniques.

    Chapter 2 of the Psychological Horoscope Analysis is about the balance of elements in your chart. There are four elements (fire, earth, etc.) - corresponding to the four psychological types in C.G. Jung's model - which occur each in two possible pairings. Therefore, only 8 variants of this chapter exist (plus some rare exotic cases).

    Chapter 3 is based on the most complex part of the process, where the main "archetype" represented in the horoscope is determined. There are quite a number of these to choose from.

    2. In a second step, the relevant interpretation texts are compiled and printed to form a booklet of 20-30 pages, taken from over 800 pages worth of text elements. The guidelines which appear in italics in every analysis are distinguished from the individual horoscope. In Chapter 2 there are only eight types to choose from, which makes this chapter more prone to repetition than others. Repetition is quite scarce in other chapters, and on the whole, what makes our horoscopes unique is not the wording of any given passage, but the many different combinations.

    The fact that different people have similar psychological themes to deal with does not diminish the value of information about these themes. The analyses in question are by no means "the same", but, if at all, only congruent in certain passages, most often in chapter 2. From an astrological perspective, people do actually share traits with others. So, a horoscope interpretation which conveys such similarities simply reflects this fact.

  2. In my Psychological Horoscope the part concerning the relationship between my parents is missing. How is that possible?

    Each Psychological Horoscope contains chapters on the mother and father. The relationship between them is only discussed if there are chart factors which specifically reflect relationship patterns between the parents. If no specific indicators are found, this part is left out.


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