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Frequently asked questions

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  1. Which payment methods can I use?

    The easiest way to order is by credit card. Please also note our information on data security.

    We also accept the following payment methods:

    • Paypal (not possible in Switzerland)
    • Cheque (only in USA, Canada, Germany and France)
    • bank transfer
    • invoice(only in Switzerland, Germany and Austria)
    • cash via registered letter to:
      Astrodienst AG
      Dammstr. 23
      8702 Zollikon / Zürich

    The choice of payment methods depends on your country of residence.

  2. How do I select a payment method?

    Please put the item you wish to order into your shopping cart by clicking on the respective "Order it" links in the AstroShop. Then enter the necessary birth data and your address. After entering your address, you can select the payment methods on the page "Payment options". Please follow the instructions carefully in order to allow quick and uncomplicated processing of your order.
    In case none of the offered payment methods should suit you, you can cancel your order at this point.

  3. More information on payment methods

    Credit Card
    We accept the following credit cards: Eurocard/Mastercard, Visa and American Express. We can charge Visa and American Express directly in USD, and Visa and Mastercard can be charged in EUR. All other credit cards are dealt with in Swiss Francs, according to the current exchange rate. Please, remember to give the expiry date of your credit card.

    Should you have doubts about sending your credit card information online (despite encryption and secure mode), you can send it by fax or paper mail.
    The easiest way is to order as usual in the online shop. When you come to the point of entering your payment method, please select the option "Special credit card info transmission" at the bottom of the list and click on "continue".
    We charge a handling fee of USD/EUR 2.- / CHF 3.- for this option. Please enclose the printed order form of the online shop in your fax or letter.
    We will process the order as soon as we have received your credit card information.

    Payments via Paypal with a surcharge of EUR / US$ 1.95. This payment method is not possible in Switzerland.

    Cheque (Attention: advance payment! Only possible in US, Canada, Germany and France.)
    For a surcharge of USD/EUR 9.-, we accept:
    • USD-cheques, issued by a US bank
    • US money orders
    • Cheques, issued by a bank of the European Monetary Union
    Please, send us the cheque by paper mail, and enclose the printed order form of the online shop.
    We will process the order as soon as we have received your cheque.

    Bank transfer (Attention: advance payment!)
    We accept bank transfer as a pre-payment method. Please, note that this option is not necessary for customers from Switzerland, Austria and Germany, since they can pay by invoice (see below).
    Additional handling expenses are charged with USD/EUR 2.-. Please transfer the amount shown in the online shop to one of the following accounts:

    For all payments in Euro currency:
    Postbank Frankfurt/Main, Germany, account 03005 82-600; BLZ 500 100 60.
    IBAN DE71 5001 0060 0300 5826 00 BIC/SWIFT PBNKDEFF
    For bank payments in US$:
    Zürcher Kantonalbank, Meilen, Switzerland; account 1327-0015.989; International bank number IBAN CH48 0070 0132 7000 1598 9, SWIFT/BIC ZKBKCHZZ80A

    Please, note that all bank fees are charged at your expense, so that the complete amount is transferred to our account.
    We will process the order as soon as we have received your transfer.

    In Switzerland, Germany and Austria, you can pay by invoice, provided you have a permanent address. The invoice is payable within 30 days of reception.
    Orders which are not sent to a permanent address require pre-payment of the total sum of the invoice.
    The invoice total is the net price without any rebates.

    Cash (Attention: advance payment!)
    If none of the above payment methods suits you, you can also send the total of your order in cash via registered mail to:
    Astrodienst AG
    Dammstr. 23
    8702 Zollikon / Zürich

    Please make sure that you follow the ordering process through to the end and send the complete amount, including shipping charges. Please also enclose a print-out of your order in your letter.
    We recommend you to send only notes, no coins. We do not take any responsibility for lost letters. If you send the correct amount, we don't charge any extra handling fees.
    Your order will be processed as soon as we have received the money.

    You may also open a credit account at Astrodienst, from which we book all your orders. This saves you worrying about invoices and payment.


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