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Frequently asked questions

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  1. I ordered a report in my mother tongue. Can I get the same one in a different language at a lower price?

    Yes, you can. We handle a change of language like any other correction which may be necessary due to customer error. This means, we only charge 25% of the regular price for such copies of reports, plus full shipping cost.
    Please, send an e-mail to order@astro.ch, and give the order numbers of the reports you have got already. The number can be found in the front page window, in small print.

    Is the price reduction also valid if I order the same report for the same birth data in two languages straight away?

    Yes, it is the same. You pay 25% of the regular price for the second copy.

  2. Is it possible to choose a particular house system when ordering a report?

    No, it is not. Our authors used their own techniques, and this implies the choice of house systems. But you do have the possibility to print out chart drawings with different house systems:
    Free Horoscopes -> Extended Chart Selection.

  3. Can I order a report without having the exact birth time?

    No, you can't. The calculation and interpretation of the chart includes fast moving planets or points like the Moon, Ascendant and the house positions. These factors change so quickly that an unreliable birth time can result in completely wrong interpretations. There is no option in the programme to use only factors which don't change for a whole day.
    It could be a real waste of money for you and bad for our reputation. People may think that the interpretation is wrong when in fact the interpretation was done for a wrong birth time.


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