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Frequently asked questions

Products > Yearly Horoscope Analysis

  1. Is the natal horoscope taken into account when interpreting transits and progressions in the Yearly Horoscope Analysis?

    The natal horoscope is strongly taken into account in the Yearly Horoscope. There are elements which are directly connected with the dominant "archetypal themes" in the Psychological Horoscope. With all transits and progressions that are discussed, the relative weight of the natal factors is considered.
    Each time a Yearly Horoscope is generated, our computer calculates a Psychological Horoscope behind the scenes as a basis for decisions which transits and progressions have to be selected.
    We do not publish the logic behind our calculations and interpretations. Therefore this is not directly visible in the Yearly Analysis. It is mentioned in the appendix however.

  2. Why do not all the transits and progressions which are active turn up in the Yearly Horoscope Analysis or the Long-Term Perspectives?

    If all transits and progressions were included in these forecast horoscopes, they would be several hundred pages long and very confusing.
    The interpretation model of these reports makes a finely balanced selection according to the rules Liz Greene has developed with Astrodienst. The balancing and selection process is very complex and cannot be explained in detail here.
    We cannot guarantee that a particular transit or progression is covered in Liz Greene's reports. Please also note the "Technical information" at the end of the Yearly Horoscope Analysis where it says: "Not all transits or progressions which occur during a year are included in the printed report, only those selected by Liz Greene's model of interpretation." You can find this information in our full sample reports.


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