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Frequently asked questions

Products > Horoscope Calendar

  1. Why does my printed Horoscope Calendar show different transits than the online Daily Horoscope?

    The lists of transits for each day are the same in the online Daily Horoscope and the printed Calendar. What can differ is the current transit selected for a particular day.

    The reason is: The software of the online Daily Horoscope calculates the transits for a whole calendar year, from January 1st until December 31st. From this list a current transit is selected for each day.
    The printed Horoscope Calendar, on the other hand, may start on any given month during the calendar year (e.g. June 1st) and last for a whole year (till May 31st). The distribution of transits is then made for this period rather than the calendar year (January-December). Therefore, it is possible that a different transit is selected in each version for the same day.

    The distribution of transits is such that the different transits are spread relatively equally throughout the year, in order to avoid repetitions. It is impossible to always select the most important transit, because it could be the same for weeks. In a way, the choice of the current transit is arbitrary, but it is no coincidence. It is a very carefully balanced system (see above).


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