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  1. Although the prices in the AstroShop are given in three different currencies, I am not allowed to pay in the currency I prefer. What's the reason?

    The currency is determined by the system, depending on the country of residence. It is impossible to change this.

    Astrodienst increased the prices on 05-31-2011
    Astrodienst increased the prices in Euro and US-Dollar on 05-31-2011. Being aware that this is an unpopular decision we like to explain the reasons.

    Astrodienst AG is a small company located in Switzerland. Our products and services are featuring the proverbial Swiss Quality. Our reports belong to the best worldwide - as is also agreed by professionals. The website www.astro.com is providing a large amount of high quality services for free - as for instance chart calculations and chart drawings.

    In the last few years the US-Dollar and the Euro have considerably lost in value compared to the Swiss Franc. With the effect that our company earns less and less money through its international business while the costs remain the same. Our expenses are still paid in Swiss Francs: the salaries, the production, the rent, the taxes etc. which is causing more and more difficulties for us. As we intend to keep our policy of providing high quality astrology and free services in the future, too, we need to adjust the prices.

    The new prices are indicated by the current situation of the international currencies. Taking into account the unchanged economic situation of our customers we do take our share in balancing the monetary loss. The current prices do not completely make up for the difference to the Swiss Franc.

    As a novelty we have different prices for e-horoscopes and printed horoscopes. The e-horoscopes can be purchased to a much lower price now than the printed horoscopes. In addition to the lower catalog prices of the e-horoscopes the customers are also dispensed with delivery costs.

    The currency losses of the Euro and the US-Dollar compared to the Swiss Franc are considerable: In 2006 1 Dollar cost 1.30 Swiss francs, currently it is only 0.85. The loss amounts to one third! In the meantime the Euro fell from 1.65 under 1.30, which is a loss of more than 20%. Since the introduction of the Euro we have never adjusted the prices. We regret we have to do so at present.

    We are convinced that despite the increased prices the quality of our reports is still speaking for itself and we would like to thank our customers for their loyalty.

    Astrodienst AG, June 2011


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