Current Planets
    24-Jul-2017, 07:30 UT/GMT
    Sun136' 7"19n48
    Moon1357' 5"15n44
    Venus2137' 4"21n14
    Mars227' 5"20n40
    Saturn2159' 2"r21s55
    Uranus2829' 9"10n24
    Pluto1747' 2"r21s31
    TrueNode2416' 6"r13n26
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Frequently asked questions


  1. How can I delete my messages for good?

    • First, click on the message you want to delete in order to show its content.
    • Then, click on the link "Delete this message" to put it in the waste basket. The message will be stored here until final deletion.
    • Go to the message overview and click on the link "Show messages in waste basket" in order to view the messages which are marked for deletion.
      You will see a list with all messages. The messages in the waste basket appear in grey, whereas all other messages remain blue.
    • Now, click on "Clear waste basket".
      This will delete all grey messages for good.

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