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Frequently asked questions

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  1. I cannot log in with any of my e-mail addresses. Why?

    Most likely, you are not a "registered user" but have used our website as an anonymous "guest user". If you haven't registered with your e-mail address (i.e. you are a guest user), you are identified by a cookie which is stored on your computer. If you lose this cookie, you lose all your data.
    If you are a registered user, however, it is important that you remember which of your e-mail addresses you used for registration. Even more so, if you used a "fake" e-mail address, because in this case, our server can't even send you your password.

  2. I have a registered profile. Sometimes I am asked to log in, and at other times the system recognises my profile without having to log in. Why?

    There are several possibilities:

    1) You have activated "High Security" in your profile. In this case, you have to log in after a certain period of inactivity or after exiting and re-starting your browser.

    2) If "High Security" is not activated, the following may be the case:
    Normally, your PC keeps a cookie and this identifies you automatically on each visit to www.astro.com.
    But if you - or some software on your end - deletes cookies or prevents them from being transmitted, our server cannot identify you. Then you need to login to your registered profile.
    On each login, a new cookie will be issued so that next time automatic recognition (from the same PC) works again.

  3. How can I log out of my registered profile?

    There are two ways of logging out of your profile:

    1) In order to log out of your profile, please
    • Click on My Astro
    • Then click on the link "Leave this profile / Log in to a different profile".
    • You are now logged out.
    • To gain access to your data, you have to log in again.

    If you wish to protect your data from people who share your computer, please activate "High Security" in your registration settings. Then do one of these three things:
    - log out of your profile (see above)
    - exit your browser
    - switch off your computer.
    Each of these actions deletes the hidden 'session cookie', and the next time you access www.astro.com, you need to log in to your profile again.

    2) Click on the "Login/Logout" link in the blue bar at the very top of each page.
    Your name is still displayed next to the login link at the top of the page and on the login page. If you want your name to disappear completely, you have to click the "Login/Logout" link again.

  4. I am in the wrong profile. How can I change to my own registered profile?

    Go to My Astro and click on the link Leave this profile / Log in to a different profile. Then you can log into the profile you wish by entering your e-mail and www.astro.com password.


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