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Frequently asked questions

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  1. I cannot log in with any of my e-mail addresses. Why?

    If our system does not recognise your e-mail address, there might be several explanations:

    a) You may have made a typing error when entering your e-mail address. Please make sure you have entered your e-mail address correctly.

    b) You may have registered your user profile with a different e-mail address than you think. Please try to remember which e-mail address you might have used.

    c) Maybe you have never created a registered user profile at www.astro.com and browsed our website as an "anonymous guest user". Please note: Just because you possess an e-mail address, you are not automatically registered with www.astro.com. You have to create your user profile at astro.com to be able to use it. Your "identity" is your e-mail address. In addition, please think of a secure password - one that you do not use anywhere else.

    d) Maybe you have not visited the astro.com website for three years or longer. In this case it is possible that your user profile was deleted automatically by the system. Unfortunately, it is then impossible to retrieve your data.

    e) You may have mistyped when you created your registered user profile and entered your e-mail address. This case is more difficult. In order to gain access to your profile, you can contact the webmaster and let him know which is the e-mail address that you think you used and which birth data are stored in the profile.

  2. How can I log out of my registered user profile?

    The easiest method for logging out is to click on the link "Logout" at the top right of every page. Having logged out successfully, you find yourself on the login page.

    Please note: It does not suffice to close the browser window with the astro.com website. If somebody else visited astro.com after you, this person would automatically be logged into your user profile and could see your data. To avoid this, please click the "Logout" link before your leave the computer.

    If you share your computer, we also recommend you to activate the "High Security" option in your astro.com user profile. Please read question 7 for more information.

  3. I have a registered user profile. Sometimes I am asked to log in and sometimes the system recognises my profile without having to log in. Why?

    Usually your computer saves a so-called cookie, which allows you to be connected with your user profile automatically every time you visit www.astro.com. This automatic connection can fail under certain circumstances.

    a) If you have clicked on "Logout" when you last visited www.astro.com and so have logged out of your profile. In this case, the cookie was deleted, and you therefore have to log in again with your e-mail address and your astro.com password.

    b) If you have deleted cookies on your computer or a software on your computer has done this. In this case you also have to log in again. When you log in, a new cookie is set, so that you can be connected with your profile automatically again.

    c) If you have set the settings of your internet browser to prohibit all cookies. In this case it is possible that you have to log in every time you visit astro.com. In order to avoid this, we recommend you to activate cookies in your browser settings. Should you not want to do this, you can created a bookmark and use this to connect with astro.com. Please read question 4 for more information.

  4. Why do I have to log in every time I visit the website?

    a) The most likely explanation for this is that you have activated the option "High Security" in your profile settings. To find out whether this is the case, please click on "My Astro", then on the link "View/edit registered user data", and scroll right to the bottom of the page.

    If the "High Security" option is activated, you have to log in every time you visit astro.com, i.e. every time you have quit your internet browser or switched off your computer. This way, your user profile is protected from people who share your computer, e.g. if you use a public computer.

    If you are the only person who uses your computer and you never access www.astro.com from a different computer, you can deactivate your "High Security" option and consequently do not have to log in every time you visit the website.

    Please note: In the standard setting of a newly created registered user profile, the "High Security" option is not activated.

    b) If the "High Security" option is not activated in your profile, but you still have to log in every time you visit astro.com, it is very likely that your internet browser does not allow cookies. A cookie is a small data file that allows you to connect automatically with your astro.com user profile. If your browser blocks cookies, you are not automatically connected with your profile and so have to log in every time you visit.

    If you want to be connected with your profile automatically, you should activate cookies in your browser settings.

    If you are not able to or do not want to allow cookies, you can avoid having to log in and out all the time by setting a bookmark to astro.com. Please read question 4 for more information.

  5. How can I avoid having to log in with my password every time I visit astro.com?

    Please make sure that the option "High Security" is deactivated in your user profile. You can find this option in "My Astro" under the link "View/edit registered user data", at the very bottom of the page.

    Furthermore, you should set a bookmark to your preferred page at astro.com, e.g. the "Personal Daily Horoscope" or the "Extended Chart Selection". If you click the bookmark, you will automatically be connected with your user profile.

    This method also works, even if your browser does not allow cookies.

    Please note: If you access astro.com from a public computer or share your computer with others, you should activate the "High Security" option. At least you should log out every time you quit the computer by clicking on "Logout" at the top right of every page.

  6. I am logged into the wrong profile. How can I change to my own registered user profile?

    Please go to "My Astro" and click on the link "Leave this profile / Log into a different profile". You then reach the login page and can log into your preferred profile by entering your e-mail address and astro.com password.

  7. How can I protect my profile from access by other users?

    Two things are important:

    a) If you share your computer with others or if you access astro.com from a public computer, we recommend you to activate the "High Security" option in your astro.com user profile. In order to do this, please click on "My Astro" and there on the link "View/edit registered user data". At the very bottom of the page, you find the "High Security" option. Please activate it, enter your astro.com password and click on "OK".

    This option increases your security even more, because it also implies that you have to log in with your password every time you close the browser window or shut down the computer. Therefore, it is necessary that you finish your visit at astro.com by doing one of these three things:
    • Log out of your profile by clicking the "Logout" link at the top right of the page
    • Quit your browser or close your browser window
    • Shut down your computer.
    Each of these three actions deletes the hidden "session cookie." An when you return to www.astro.com, you have to log into your profile again.

    If you do not like the "High Security" option, e.g. because it forces you to enter your password even when you access from your home computer, you should at least click on the "Logout" link every time you visit astro.com from a public computer. If you do not do this, all other users of that computer can access your astro.com profile. It is not enough to just close the window or even shut down the computer. You must click on the "Logout" link.

    b) Please be careful when you send links to friends! E.g. if you want to share your personal Daily Horoscope with friends, please do not use the URL of the page but click on the "Send page" link that you can find on every page of astro.com. This is the only way to guarantee that your friend can only this page in your profile.

  8. I cannot log in on my iPad / iPhone. The page always jumps back to the login page. What can I do?

    Settings on
iPhoneDelete website data by emptying the browser cache on your iPhone or iPad under 'Settings' -> Safari'Safari'
    AdvancedNow click on 'Advanced', if you just want to delete the website data of astro.com, or straight on 'Clear History and Website Data' in order to empty the browser cache completely.
    Website DataIf you have clicked on 'Advanced', please select 'Website Data'.
All Sites / Edit If astro.com is immediately visible on the list, click on 'Edit'. If you cannot see it, first click on 'Show All Sites' and then on 'Edit'.
    Select, ListNow, click on the minus sign inside the red circle next to astro.com.
    DeleteClick on 'Delete' and then on 'Done'.


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