Actuele planetaire posities
    18-jun-2018, 12:11 UT/GMT
    Zon2713' 6"23n24
    Maan25' 1"12n50
    Venus521' 2"20n52
    Saturnus631' 3"r22s25
    Ware Knoop630'42"18n39
    Cheiron218' 4"4n08
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Frequently asked questions

My Astro > Stored Data

  1. How can I delete Astro data from my list?

    When you're on the page My Astro (top menu bar) you will see a list of the birth data you have entered. On the right, there is a column of small checkboxes, with nothing in them. If you want to delete a horoscope, click into the little square to mark it, and then click on the link that says "delete marked data" at the bottom of checkbox column. The horoscope data will be deleted. You can delete any number of horoscopes at once.

  2. Is there a way to retrieve a set of data once it has been deleted from my list?

    No, unfortunately, there isn't. That's why you are asked to confirm the deletion by entering your password.

  3. How can I store more than 4 sets of Astro data?

    This is easy. Create a "registered user profile" instead of a simple "guest profile". You can store up to 100 sets of birth data.
    This doesn't oblige you to anything, and all the free services are still free. Just go to My Astro (top menu bar) and click the link Create a registered user profile.

  4. Is the same reference place used globally for all data in my profile?

    There are two possibilities:
    1. You have chosen a reference place:
      This reference place is used for all stored data. There is no option to choose a different reference place for every chart in your profile.
    2. You have not chosen a particular reference place:
      The reference place is the same as the birth place of each set of data. This means there are different reference places.

  5. Is there a way to manually sort the stored birth data?

    No, there is no such feature. It would be too complex to implement.

  6. Is it possible to have a particular entry selected by default for all services?

    Yes, this is possible. Go to "My Astro" and scroll to your list of Astro data. By clicking on the upward arrows next to a particular Astro data entry, you can move it to the top of the list. This is your default entry from now on which is used for all services of the website as long as you do not choose a different one of your Astro data.


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