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Frequently asked questions

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  1. How can I switch languages?

    Use the language navigation at the top of the page. The activated language is shown as a white rectangular shape with the language abbreviation inside. The abbreviations stand for the following languages:

    de German
    dk Danish
    en English
    es Spanish
    fr French
    it Italian
    nl Dutch
    pt Portuguese
    py Russian
    zh Chinese
    ja Japanese

    To switch to a different language, just click on the language symbol of your choice.
    Please note that not all the contents of www.astro.com are available in all languages. If a webpage or service is not available in your language, you will automatically be led to the English version.
    Seriously interested volunteer translators for English material are welcome.

  2. Are you planning to translate your website into other languages besides the ones you've got?

    Currently our reports and website are being translated into Chinese, Japanese and Russian. Once the website is online in these languages, we consider translating it into other languages. However, new languages need to be carefully chosen for several reasons:

    a) Translating the website is quite elaborate and costly. It involves the translation of hundreds of pages of text and complex software resources.

    b) Our free web services at www.astro.com are financed by means of selling our high-quality horoscope reports. So, in order to be able to offer free services in a certain language, we need to have at least some of our reports translated into this language. This means having to invest into the translation of these reports which comprise several thousand pages. Such an investment has to be justified by some prospect of being able to sell the reports.

    Therefore we can only translate into languages which offer a reasonable market for our products.

  3. If there are different variants of a certain language, which one do you use - or do you (wish to) make your website available in both?

    We are aware that certain languages exist in different variants, for example British and American English, or Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese. At www.astro.com, we do not favour any particular variants.
    It is our language policy to cultivate the co-existence of the different variants. And it depends on the respective authors or translators which one is used in a particular text. We do not intend to support two varieties of the same language as separate languages.

  4. There are still pages in existing web languages which haven't been translated. Can I help?

    Yes, certainly. We are happy to accept help from volunteer translators. If you notice that a certain page in the "Understanding Astrology" or "Free Horoscopes" sections hasn't been translated and you would like to make a contribution, please write an e-mail to webmaster at astro dot com.


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