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  1. About the Astrodienst Atlas

    The Astrodienst atlas contains more than 250 000 towns. For more detail on the sources of the database, click on Astrology Atlas Query in the "Free Horoscopes" menu at the top of the page, and follow the link About this atlas.

  2. Can I use your atlas and time zone information for professional services?

    The free charts and free readings from our website are for private purposes only. They must not be redistributed commercially.
    If your intended 'professional astrology service' is computer based, you will need to purchase software for it. Such software will have its own atlas and time zone database built-in for your use. You will however be allowed to use our atlas database for crosschecks.

  3. Is there access to time zone information on your website?

    The time zone database is integrated into all services. When you enter natal data or run charts, the correct time zone information is automatically taken into account.
    We do not publish the time zone database content, so that all that valuable and unique information can be used elsewhere. This information is proprietary. You can use the database by using our services for your horoscopes, but you cannot copy the contents of the database.

  4. Do you have an option which allows the user to add places to the database or to enter the latitude and longitude of a particular place manually?

    If you provide reliable co-ordinates (longitude and latitude) and also tell us the source, we are happy to add additional towns.

    An automatic entry by web site users is not possible. The difficulty is that each town must be linked to one of nearly 4000 different time zone history tables. In many areas of the world there has been a complex time zone history where often nearby cities, counties or provinces have had different time zones or daylight savings time rules in the past. Only experts can assign the correct time zone history table for each new town, by comparing the new entry to the rest of the database.


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