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Frequently asked questions

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  1. Where does the data of Astro Twins come from?

    The data is taken from Astro-Databank, a unique collection of more than 35'000 chart data which contains birth data, chart drawings and thousands of biographies. Astro-Databank was designed by the American Lois Rodden and her staff as a data collection for astrological research and software on its own. Astro-Databank is an open wiki project today, offered for free by Astrodienst.

  2. I am missing a celebrity person whom I know to be my Astro Twin!

    We are sorry that we cannot offer you a list with all the birth data of all the famous people of all areas of life and all countries. Our resources are too limited, and most people keep their birth data confidential.

  3. Is it possible to contact an Astro-Twin?

    We are not in possession of e-mail or postal addresses of the people in this database (provided they are still alive).

  4. Where can I find birth dates of celebrities?

    Your best choice is to search the internet. To start with, try www.google.com. Try to find these people's homepage (if they are contemporaries) or other websites about them. There are also various astrology discussion groups online which might be of help for your research.

    However, do consider that for the calculation of a birth chart not only a birth date is needed but also the exact birth time and the birth place.

  5. Do you offer a database where people can enter their birth data and look for their AstroTwins, not just the celebrities?

    We don't offer such a service. The problem is that these kinds of databases are outdated relatively quickly, i.e. e-mail addresses are closed down, etc. Such a project would need a lot of maintenance work, and we don't have the staff capacity to do that. There are surely other sites on the Internet that offer that kind of service.

  6. Is it possible to browse your AstroTwins database and search for notable people?

    You can search for notable people directly at the Astro-Databank wiki.


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