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Frequently asked questions

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  1. Do you offer fertility charts?

    Yes, we do. In the Extended Chart Selection, section Special charts, you can find the "Lunar Phases Fertility Calendar".
    Dr. Jonas, a Czech physician, spent many years developing this method. According to him, the days marked in red indicate fertility. When the red periods coincide with ovulation, the chances of falling pregnant are said to be highest. He also tried to predict whether the child would be male or female (see the small Mars or Venus symbol). If the Moon changes its sign during the marked day, the gender prediction is not possible and the Mars/Venus symbols are left out.
    If your own cycle is out of phase with the Jonas cycle, you may have to wait quite a while until they match. Some people use the Jonas method for birth control - please note that Astrodienst cannot be held responsible for the consequences.

  2. What does the Transit Rhythmogram tell me?

    The Transit Rhythmogram indicates what is going on in terms of transits for a particular period. The transits of the outer planets are represented as curves (for Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) showing the intensity of the contacts. There is also a summary curve, showing the intensity of the combined curves.
    This makes it easy to assess when there are periods of high cosmic activity. The actual quality of this time, how it really feels, cannot be read from the graph alone, unless you have some astrological background.
    To read an interpretation you may want to order a report, such as Transits of the Year, Yearly Horoscope Analysis or AstroText Forecast.
    Looking at the graph can tell you whether a certain period is astrologically busy and dynamic, or quiet. However, one should always remember that people react differently to different things. Some feel relaxed during 'quiet times', while others get depressed because nothing is moving. Some people feel stressed by a period of intense transits, while others love the challenge. We don't list the transits in terms of 'good' and 'bad' either, for similar reasons. A challenging period can sometimes be just what one needs to wake up to what life has to offer.

  3. Why does the Transit Calendar with Progressions start two years earlier?

    This is done by design. The Calendar gives a period of several years, and in order to make sense of the current progressions, we consider it necessary to see them in their chronological context and what lead up to them.


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