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Frequently asked questions

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  1. Why do the transits only show up in the list when they have been active for some time before?

    The transits in the Daily Horoscope are only shown when they are exact - or near exact. The activity period may begin much earlier, if, for example, the transiting planet went into orb but did not quite reach exactness, then went retrograde and left the orb. This can be months before the transit actually becomes exact. But in the Daily Horoscope it is still counted as activity period.

    1-degree orbs are used.

    If you order the "Personal Horoscope Calendar" or "Transits of the Year", you can see all the information for a whole year in one complete overview. Or, for a similar purpose, subscribe to the "Extended Daily Horoscope".
    Alternatively, use the printable "Transit Calendar" in the Extended Chart Selection -> Special charts. It contains all important transits over a three year period. If you use it with a book like Robert Hand's "Planets in Transit", you can get all the information you want.

  2. Why do my Mercury / Venus transits last for several weeks, or even months when they usually only last for a few days?

    If Mercury or Venus become retrograde during a certain period of time, they come back over the transits they have made before (when in direct motion). The total time shown in the Daily Horoscope is from the point when a transit is in orb for the first time, until it has been repeated (twice) due to the retrograde loop and goes out of orb.

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