Posições actuais dos planetas
    25-Abr-2017, 08:59 UT/GMT
    Júpiter165' 2"r4s53
    Netuno1333' 1"7s16
    Nodo Lun.true119'35"r11n00
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Frequently asked questions

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  1. Why does my chart at www.astro.com look different to the chart I got somewhere else?

    A birth chart can look different for a number of reasons - usually, it does so because a different astrological technique was used. The basic information remains the same while a different system can make the drawing look different.
    Hindu systems, for example, are based on sidereal astrology, which causes shifts in the planets and ascendant. The interpretation can be different as well.
    Sometimes errors are made - the calculation could be wrong, perhaps the wrong place or time zone were used. Please check your data! With a given set of data, there can be no ambiguity. The result you get at Astrodienst is correct. Our calculations for astronomical facts are the most reliable in the whole "industry". For further reference, please see the "Full Documentation" of the Swiss Ephemeris.

  2. Do the aspect colours have a particular meaning or are they arbitrary?

    The colours of the aspects show which kind of aspect group they belong to.
    Red aspects belong to the group of "analytical" or "disharmonious" aspects (the main ones are Square and Opposition), blue ones are considered "synthetic" or "harmonious" (Sextile and Trine), and green is used for the minor aspects of Quinkunx and Semisextile.
    For more information on the aspects used in our charts, please read the respective chapter in our Introduction to Astrology.

  3. Do you offer blank chart forms so that I can draw up the chart by hand?

    No, we don't offer blank charts.

  4. Why is the South Node not displayed in the charts?

    It is unnecessary because the South Node is always 180° opposite the North Node (which is given).
    However, there is an option to add the South Node to your chart drawing. Go to "Free Horoscopes" > "Extended Chart Selection" and scroll down to the section "Additional objects" and tick the box "Descending Node".


Por ser um dos maiores portais de astrologia, a WWW.ASTRO.COM dispõe de vários recursos gratuitos sobre o tema. Com interpretações astrológicas de alta qualidade feitas por alguns dos maiores astrólogos do mundo, como Liz Greene e Robert Hand entre outros, muitos horóscopos gratuitos e uma infinidade de informações sobre astrologia para iniciantes e profissionais, a www.astro.com é o endereço número um em astrologia online.
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