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Frequently asked questions

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  1. Can I go back and forth in time further than "yesterday" and "tomorrow"?

    The Personal Daily Horoscope gives you the option to subscribe to the "Extended Daily Horoscope" which allows you to scroll back and forth in time, so that you can read the "nearly-active" long-term influences at your leisure.

  2. Why is my Daily Horoscope a day late / early?

    Try changing the reference place, following the link Change reference place in the right column of the Daily Horoscope page. The horoscope is always shown with the correct time and date of the reference place you have given.
    For example, if you have changed your reference place to somewhere on the other side of the world (maybe for a relocation chart), you'll get your daily horoscope for the time zone of this new reference place.

    In addition, and actually more important: Transits have what we call an orb: the issue begins already when the two planets involved get near each other and it continues after they have met. The date and time given is the time of the precise encounter between the two planets, but very often the effect is felt way ahead.

  3. Why do I get my "Happy Birthday" horoscope a day before or after my birthday?

    Astrologically, your birthday is on the day on which the Sun in the sky is exactly at the same zodiac degree as the Sun in your birth chart. This does not have to happen on the same date every year. Sometimes it happens a day earlier or later. This is your "astrological birthday".

  4. Why are the transits not listed in chronological order?

    The list is in order of relevance. Because transit timings are interleaved in a complex way, it is not really possible to order them chronologically.

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