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Frequently asked questions

Free Horoscopes > Personal Daily Horoscope

  1. What is the purpose of the Personal Daily Horoscope?

    The Personal Daily Horoscope gives our readers a fresh inspiration for reflexion, for looking inside and for entertainment every day. A subject is selected from the currently active transits of the planets over the personal chart. This subject is discussed and presented together with an inspiring painting or drawing.
    Moreover, the Daily Horoscope delivers additional astrological information of a personal and general nature. However, it is not the purpose of the daily horoscope to present all currently active transits. Other free offers are more useful for this purpose, in particular the Transit Calendar in the section Extended chart selection -> Special charts (please select chart type = Transit Calendar).

  2. What's the difference between the Free Daily Horoscope and the Extended Daily Horoscope?

    Please check the AstroShop -> Online services > Extended Daily Horoscope section of the FAQ for the answer.

  3. I have moved - is the Personal Daily Horoscope still valid?

    Yes, it is. The only thing that will change is the exact hour of the transits of the faster-moving planets, including the Moon. If you live in a time zone very different from the one you were born in, you can enter your place of residence by clicking on the link Change reference place in the right column of the Daily Horoscope page. Here, two procedures are possible:
    • You have already chosen a reference place and want to change it:
      You will see the town you have chosen and next to it a link named other town. Click on that link and enter your new place of residence. Then click on "continue", and the place will be shown in the drop-down menu. Click on "continue" again in order to save the place and to get back to the horoscope page.

    • Your reference place is the same as your birth place:
      Uncheck the box "use birth place" and click on "continue". Choose a country and enter the name of your new place of residence. Then click on "continue", and the place will be shown in the drop-down menu. Click on "continue" again in order to save the place and to get back to the horoscope page.
    The Free Daily Horoscope then gives you the exact hour of transits according to the time zone of your place of residence.

  4. How can a planet be in more than one house during a certain period of a time?

    Every so often, planets become retrograde or 'backwards-moving', when seen from the Earth. When this happens, they move back into the astrological house they have just come from before finally moving on. For example, Mercury could pass from the third house on to the fourth, then back again into the third. After a while, Mercury will change direction again, moving through the last part of the third house in direct motion, before carrying on through the fourth.
    In the Personal Daily Horoscope, Mercury will be regarded as being in the third house until it finally leaves it, even if it has already been in the fourth house for a while during the same period.
    To get a detailed overview of Mercury's movement, please select the 'Graphical Ephemeris for one year' in the 'extended chart selection -> Special charts', or visit the 'Ephemeris' section accessible via the top menu under 'All about Astrology'.

  5. Could you offer the Void of Course Moon times, both mundane and personal?

    The mundane void of course Moon is listed in the Daily Horoscope under "Celestial Events" in the tab "Mundane".
    The personal void of course Moon can easily be deduced from the information given in the Daily Horoscope. We list both, all personal Moon transits and the Moon's ingress into a new sign. Find the last Moon transit in the list. This marks the beginning of your personal void of course Moon. As with the mundane VOC Moon, it ends when the Moon changes signs.

  6. How can I print the Planetary Hours?

    If you click on the blue link "Planetary Hours", you will come to a page with all the details. You can print out this page using the print function of your browser.

  7. How can two people born at different times have exactly the same daily horoscope?

    The daily horoscope is based on the transits of the moving planets in the sky over the planets or other points in a person's birth chart. A transit happens when a moving planet crosses the location of a natal planet, or forms a particular angle (aspect) to it. (see also: FAQ - What are transits?)
    Two people can have one or more natal planets at the same or a very close position. For example, two people, one born on March 7, 1960 and the other born on February 14, 1962 will have their natal Mars at nearly the same position at 9 degrees Aquarius.
    Now, when a moving planet P happens to cross over 9 degrees Aquarius, both will have the transit 'P conjunct Mars'. Depending on what other transits happen for both people at the same time, it is quite possible that both persons will have this identical transit selected on the day of the crossing in their daily horoscope, effectively getting the same daily horoscope for that day.
    Also, all other transits involving natal Mars will happen on the same day for these two, even when they have otherwise very different charts, just because they share the 'same' Mars.

  8. What are the different tabs in the Daily Horoscope?

    They refer to different parts of the Daily Horoscope. The tabs on the left mark different types of information for the current date.

    General: These are the transits of the current planets in the sky in relation to the personal birth chart. Here you find a general interpretation of the transits.

    Love: The Daily Love Horoscope also interprets the current transits to the personal chart, but specifically refers to love and relationship themes.

    Mundane: This is titled "Celestial events" and you can find out about current planetary constellations and celestial events in the sky without any reference to the personal chart. E.g. aspects between current planets, rising and setting times of the Sun and Moon, etc.

    The tabs on the right refer to the days for which you can choose the Daily Horoscope:

    Extended Day Choice: This is a special feature for subscribers where they can access the Daily Horoscope and all the above information for any day within a time span of 5 years. More information on the Extended Daily Horoscope can be found here.

    yesterday / tomorrow: This option is available to all users and it offers all the above information for the day before / after the current day.


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