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  1. Why does my ascendant on astro.com differ from my ascendant calculated by other astrologers?

    Sometimes errors are made - the calculation could be wrong, perhaps the wrong place or time zone were used. Please check your data! With a given set of data, there can be no ambiguity. The result you get at Astrodienst is correct. Our calculations for astronomical facts are the most reliable in the whole "industry". For further reference, please see the "Full Documentation" of the Swiss Ephemeris.

  2. Is the Ascendant in the Southern Hemisphere different from the one in the Northern Hemisphere?

    No. The point of the ecliptic rising in the east at any given moment and given location is a fact of nature. There is no room for opinion, it can only be computed right or wrong. We do it right.
    Check the placement of the Sun in the chart, it must be sensibly placed relative to the horizon for the given time of day. For a day birth, the Sun must be above the horizon.

  3. Why do the charts shown in AstroClick, for example, look different from the free chart drawings?

    Different astrologers use different sets of planets, aspects and orbs. This is why depending on the astrologer, charts are different.
    There is no uniform doctrine in astrology (just like it does not exist in psychology, religion, medicine, art, politics and most other fields which have to do with humans). Different practitioners work and believe differently.

  4. Which orbs do you use when calculating planetary aspects?

    Our standard chart type uses the orbs listed at the bottom of the aspects page in our Introduction to Astrology.
    Many of our chart types were designed especially for individual astrologers, and the aspects are calculated with orbs according to the preferences of these astrologers. Usually the chart types are named after these astrologers, as you can see in the Natal Chart Drawings in our online shop. This page also lists the orbs used for the calculation of aspects for Liz Greene's reports. Like most astrologers, she has her own style of work and, naturally, we respect this.

  5. Why is my Part of Fortune at astro.com different from other calculations?

    We use different formulae for Pars Fortunae for a day birth than for a night birth. You can change this rule with an option in the extended chart selection.
    The day formula is: ASC + Moon - Sun
    The night formula: ASC + Sun - Moon
    Astrologers differ in their views about which formula to use for Pars Fortunae.
    If you're interested in in-depth information, please read the article "The Lot or Part of Fortune" by Robert Hand in our "Understanding Astrology" section.

  6. What phase was the Moon in when I was born?

    The phase of the Moon is represented by the angle between the Sun and the Moon in your birth chart, starting at the Sun, counter-clockwise. Zero degrees will be a new moon, 90 degrees a growing half moon, 180 degrees a full moon, etc. You can consult your chart drawing to measure the difference.
    If you find this too difficult, please use the 'Lunar Phases Fertility Calendar' (under the group 'Astrodienst Special'). It gives the Phase of the Moon already computed, as a value between 0° and 359°.

  7. What time is the progressed chart calculated for?

    The progressed charts are calculated for midnight Universal Time.


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