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Frequently asked questions

Data Entry > Birth time

  1. How important is the birth time and how exact does it have to be?

    We need the birth time to be able to calculate your horoscope correctly. The skies above us move by so quickly, that in order to get the positions of the Ascendant, Sun, Moon and planets right, we need the most precise birth time you can give us. At best, the time is correct to the minute. On average, the ascendant moves around 1 degree every four minutes. So, the less precise the time, the less precise the horoscope will be. Even 15 minutes can make a difference in the interpretation.

  2. What time do I use?

    Fill in your time of birth in "wrist watch time", i.e. the normal time shown on clocks and watches at the time and place of birth. Astrodienst automatically does all the necessary corrections of time zones and daylight saving time.

  3. Do you take daylight saving time and time zones into account?

    Yes, we do. Astrodienst uses one of the most comprehensive databases for daylight saving times and time zones through the ages and around the world. In extremely rare cases the correct time may be uncertain. In these cases you will get a warning message when entering the birth data.

  4. I was born in Illinois before 1 July 1959. Is there anything special?

    Yes, there is. The state of Illionois had a law which required, up to 1 July 1959, that all birth times had the be registered with CST (Central Standard Time), even during periods when daylight saving time was in force. This creates confusion and was a most idiotic law.

    If a birth time is from a registry, one must assume it is in CST.

    If a birth time is from a private recording, one must assume it is in 'wall clock time', i.e. people looked at a watch and wrote down the time. As they should.

    The use of DST in Illionois was not uniform and state-wide. This complicates the matter.

    Our system now assumes that the law was obeyed. For data from private (unlawful!) recording the user must use 'manual timezone' on date entry.

    In the past there has been a period when, due to an internal misunderstanding, Astrodienst system did behave differently. In February 2014, we have updated all that but of course, charts which have gone out in the past may differ. One can easily check because on ALL charts we keep birth time AND GMT/UT.

  5. How can I find out my birth time?

    In nearly all countries of the world the time of birth is officially registered at the registry office where birth records are maintained. England (GB) is one of the few European countries which doesn't follow this rule.
    Please contact the birth registry office in your birth town, and request a copy of the registry information, including the birth time. You must mention the birth time specifically, because many birth certificates are issued without the time, even when it is contained in the records.

  6. What difference do induced birth or a Caesarian section make to the horoscope?

    Astrology is pragmatic, it works with 'what is'. Your real birth time is what counts, not a hypothetical one which 'might have been if not...'.

  7. Do you offer a chart rectification service?

    No, we don't know of any really reliable method for rectification, and therefore do not offer such a service.
    For more information we recommend that you read the article on chart rectification by Richard Vetter in our "Understanding Astrology" section.

  8. Is it possible to erect a chart without houses?

    Yes. Please select 'unknown' in the time entry field. This automatically assumes a hypothetical time of 12.00 h (noon).

    unknown time

  9. Can I give a different hypothetical time and show the chart without houses?

    Yes, you can enter a different hypothetical time. This is one of our "hidden features". Please select the hour you want in the hour field, and enter '00u' (or just 'u') in the minute field, e.g. hour=18 minute=00u (or u). It will then show '18:00 hyp' and no houses on the chart drawing. This also works with minute '30u' or any other number of minutes.



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