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Frequently asked questions

Data Entry > Birth place

  1. Which place do I have to enter - my birth place or my place of residence?

    Always use the birth place to calculate a birth horoscope. If additional information is required, there will be a note saying so. Remember: a birth chart is based on the moment and place of your birth!

  2. Moving house - does this change my horoscope?

    Moving house doesn't change your horoscope, since your birth chart is based on the date, time and place of your birth.
    Some astrologers take a change of residence into account. They interpret the birth chart, but use the new location as an additional source of information. They can tell you what effect being in a particular place could have on you. The 'relocation chart' in the "Extended Chart Selection" can be used as a basis for this interpretation. Our Astromaps are based on a similar idea.
    Usually, it only becomes worthwhile to use these techniques when you have moved further than fifty kilometres from your birthplace. Suddenly, certain things might begin to make sense, like why one has a lot of accidents in one place, or why one suddenly feels the urge to study in another. But through it all, your birth chart doesn't change.

  3. How exact do the coordinates have to be?

    One arc minute corresponds roughly to one kilometre. Most towns are considerably larger than one kilometre in diameter, and therefore a difference of a few minutes in longitude or latitude is negligible. Generally, the town you choose should not be further than 30 kilometres away from your birth place.

  4. How can I change my birth place?

    Please find the answer here.


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