Posições actuais dos planetas
    25-Abr-2017, 04:01 UT/GMT
    Mercúrio271' 6"r10n41
    Vênus2840' 0"1n37
    Urano255' 5"9n11
    Nodo Lun.true121' 6"r11n00
    Quíron272' 1"2n17
    Explanations of the symbols
    Mapa do momento
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Frequently asked questions

Data Entry > General

  1. Where can I fill in the data for a chart?

    a) You haven't entered any birth data on astro.com before:
    • Click on "My Astro" in the
    • top navigation on the right. This will lead you to the login page.
    • At the bottom of the page you can either create a chart immediately as a Guest user: The link "Create a Horoscope immediately, as a Guest User" takes you to the data entry page.
    • Or you can create a free registered user profile by clicking on the respective link below, and following the instructions. Once you have created the user profile, you can add new astro data by clicking on the link "Add new Astro data".
    b) You have registered a user profile before:
    • Log into your registered user profile
    • Click on the link "Add new Astro data".

    In the data entry form, fill out all the input fields and click the "continue" button to save your data.

  2. How can I enter a new set of birth data to my list?

    There are two easy ways:

    a) If you are on any horoscope output page in the "Free Horoscopes" section, e.g. the Personal Daily Horoscope, use the link "Add a New Person" at the top of this page, right next to the GO button.

    b) Go to "My Astro" and use the link "Add new Astro data".

  3. How accurate must I be?

    The more accurate you can be, the better. There are a number of techniques which require precision up to the minute. Even a computerised interpretation can change entirely from one minute to the next, for example if the Ascendant changes signs.
    But these occasions are relatively rare, and usually it is sufficient to have precision of about 15 minutes for the birth time and around 30 kilometres for the place of birth.

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