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    10-okt-2015, 15:28 UT/GMT
    Uranus18Ram34' 0"r6n39
    Pluto13Steenbok2' 4"21s02
    Ware Knoop1Weegschaal2'41"0n25
    Cheiron17Vissen58' 8"r0n26
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Frequently asked questions

Data Entry > General

  1. Where can I fill in the data for a chart?

    If you haven't entered any birth data on astro.com before, it is best to start by clicking on Free Horoscopes at the top of our homepage. On this selection page, please follow the instructions in the yellow box on the right. The link Please Click Here takes you to the data entry form.

    If you have registered a user profile before, you can log in to your registered profile on the My Astro page (top menu bar), and click the link Add new Astro data.

    In the data entry form, fill out all the input fields and click the "continue" button to save your data.

  2. How can I enter a new set of birth data to my list?

    There are two easy ways:

    a) If you are on any horoscope output page in the "Free Horoscopes" section, e.g. the Personal Daily Horoscope, use the link "Add a New Person" at the top of this page, right next to the GO button.

    b) Go to "My Astro" and use the link "Add new Astro data".

  3. How accurate must I be?

    The more accurate you can be, the better. There are a number of techniques which require precision up to the minute. Even a computerised interpretation can change entirely from one minute to the next, for example if the Ascendant changes signs.
    But these occasions are relatively rare, and usually it is sufficient to have precision of about 15 minutes for the birth time and around 30 kilometres for the place of birth.

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