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Frequently asked questions

Data Entry > Gender / Event

  1. Why do I need to enter my gender?
    Does it make a difference in interpretation?

    It makes a difference in wording; this is most noticeable if the natal data are used for a partner horoscope, or for any service in a language other than English, or for ordering reports.
    Because the natal data entered are stored on the site and available later for any such usage to you, they must be entered completely, including gender, even if your first usage - e.g. for drawing a chart - would not require gender.

  2. Could you include an 'other' option in the gender selection?

    Regarding a chart drawing, the gender (or neutral "event" ) choice makes not the least difference. The chart is exacty the same, aside of the Mars/Venus glyph in front of the name. Please use the "event" option if you do not want to assign a binary gender. Each birth is also an event.

    Regarding chart interpretations, another gender option than female/male is not possible for several reasons:
    • some astrological rules for chart reading are gender specific.
    • the wording in the text is sometimes gender specific. There is 790 megabytes of text in 11 languages which covers male, female, male homosexual and female homosexual. The work of 30 years. We are simply unable to rewrite and retranslate all that to insert another "gender variant". In many languages, gender enters grammatically into all kinds of words, making such a task very complex.

    You have however the freedom to make multiple entries, male or female heterosexual, male or female homosexual, and read all interpretation variants. gender options
    We think this covers the very large majority of needs.

    Our resources as a very small company do not allow us to do more. If Facebook is able to support 57 gender options, that is great for them and all the individuals whom that makes happy.

  3. Can I get an interpretation for an event chart?

    We do not offer interpretations for events. All the texts written by our authors refer to human beings. Reading a chart of an event is a much more limited matter than reading a birth chart of a person.
    When you call up a chart for a particular event, you have to know about the kind of event (e.g. start of a particular business, purchase of a property etc). This narrows the focus of the interpretation.
    You can of course 'fake' the event chart into a person, by assigning a gender, and then get the child's reading for that chart (or an adults, if the event happened several years ago). Then you can try to translate the child's reading to your particular event. At least, it will give you some ideas about the cosmic patterns presiding over your particular event date.

  4. How can I do a chart of the moment?

    There are two ways of generating a chart of the moment.

    a) Go to the data entry page. Here, you can leave the field for your first name empty and write "now" in the field for your last name. After selecting the correct place, you can press the "continue" button. The correct date and time will be entered automatically. Press "continue" again, and choose the option "chart drawing" on the Free Horoscopes page.

    Chart of the moment

    You won't be able to get an interpretation for the chart of the moment, because we do not offer interpretations for events. And on most interpretations for humans, we have put an age limit. This is our policy in order to avoid abuse of the interpretations offered.

    b) Go to the Direct Atlas Query page (main menu at the top -> All about Astrology -> Direct Atlas Query) and enter the name of the town for your chart of the moment. Then click on the town link. This will lead you to the data entry page which is filled in automatically. Click on "continue" to go to the Horoscope Selection page.


  5. Can I do a chart for my pet?

    Yes, you can. Often enough the birth time is unknown, though, or various puppies are not properly identified at the time they were born, even if the birth is observed. We do not offer special interpretations for pets, but you can try the horoscopes for people, and transfer some of the information to your pet.


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