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    20-Feb-2018, 02:15 UT/GMT
    Sun123' 5"10s59
    Mercury330' 1"11s56
    Venus1125' 5"8s38
    Uranus2533' 5"9n22
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Frequently asked questions

Data Entry > Editing data

  1. How can I edit the data of a particular person or event?

    Click on the link "Edit data for ..." beside the drop-down menu at the top of each free horoscope page, and change the data in the entry form according to your wishes.

    Alternatively, go to My Astro and follow the link Edit behind the set of data you would like to change. Enter the new data and click on the "continue" button to save the changes.

  2. How can I change my place of birth?

    Click on My Astro in the main navigation at the top of the page. In your list of birth data, you will find the link Edit behind each set of data. Click on the Edit-link behind the set of data you would like to change. This takes you to the data entry form.
    To change your birth place, please click on the link other town beside the entry field for your birth town.

    You may now enter your new birth town and click on the "continue" button. Choose the correct town in the list of the drop down menu and click "continue" once more. Your changed data are now saved.

  3. How can I delete data from my list?

    This question is answered in the My Astro section of FAQ.


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