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Howard Sasportas - Karmic Astrology

The birth chart reveals not only the individual’s journey but also the deeper roots of that journey which may spring from sources much older than an individual lifetime. This Studyshop contains Howard's full-day workshop, recorded live in 1985 at Regents College, London, for the Centre for Psychological Astrology. He explores the astrological signature of the conflicts, talents and relationship patterns we live out in the present but which may be built on choices and efforts from a more distant past.

Howard Sasportas, Karmic Astrology

Howard Sasportas - Karmic Astrology
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This Studyshop is a live recording of Howard's Workshop given in 1985 for the CPA, and contains over four hours of audio lectures as MP3 files, as well as all overheads and bonus material.

Listen to a short sample (mp3, 1:10min)


Howard Sasportas (1948-1992), author of the astrological classics Gods of Change and The Twelve Houses, was one of the best-loved and most original thinkers, writers and teachers in the international astrological community. It is his rare blend of spirituality and down-to-earth, incisive observations of human psychological dynamics which makes this work so unusual and memorable.

This Studyshop brings Howard’s work to a generation of astrologers who have never had the opportunity to hear him.


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