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Charles Harvey - The Soul in Mundane Astrology

This Studyshop contains a full-day workshop on the meaning of the major planetary cycles and the ways in which history, and individual lives, unfold according to their eternal rhythms. The charts both of nations and of their leaders are explored in the context of the great cyclical meetings of Saturn and the outer planets. These charts are also examined in terms of our collective inheritance and the major world events that seem to recur throughout history – in different external forms but carrying the same meaning for our development as a human family.

Charles Harvey, The Soul in the Mundane Astrology

Charles Harvey - The Soul in Mundane Astrology
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This Studyshop is a live recording of Charles' seminar given for the CPA in 1996. It contains four and a half hours of audio lectures as MP3 files, as well as all overheads and bonus material.

Listen to a short sample (mp3, 0:44min)


  • Plato on the World Soul.
  • Plotinus and the Enneads.
  • Electional charts in history (including the timing of the founding of Baghdad and the earliest known Electional charts.)
  • 400 years of history, 100 years of the future and the outer planets.
  • The Jupiter-Saturn cycle.

Charles HarveyCharles Harvey (1940-2000) was one of the best-loved and most respected astrologers in the world. His profound insights into the wider perspective of planetary cycles and world events were unique and his philosophical overview is both inspiring and applicable to every individual's life.


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