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Liz Greene - Astrology, Myths and Fairy Tales

This Studyshop contains Dr Liz Greene's full-day workshop, recorded live on 16 May, 2004, at Regents College, London, for the Centre for Psychological Astrology. The studyshop covers images and themes from myth, folklore and fairy tales to amplify and deepen our understanding of astrological symbolism. The profound insights of myth can connect us not only with the larger human family but also with a sense of meaning and an awareness of the timeless patterns of an intelligent, living cosmos.

Astrology, Myths and Fairy Tales, by Liz Greene

Liz Greene - Astrology, Myths and Fairy Tales
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This Studyshop contains four and a half hours of audio lectures as MP3 files, as well as all overheads and bonus material.

Listen to a short sample (mp3, 1:05min)


  • Explore the world of myth: Myths of Artemis., Persephone, Jason and the Golden Fleece, Dionysus, Thetis and Achilles. Theseus. Gilgamesh, Narcissus.
  • Explore the world of Fairy Tales: Little Briar Rose, The Three Feathers, The Girl Without Hands, Cinderella
  • Sun symbolism and the solar hero, ancient and modem
  • The symbolism of the lion.
  • Saturn and his mythic imagery.
  • Special article written for the studyshop by Liz Greene: From pagan roots to Disneyland: the transformation of Cinderella.

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