Faculty of Astrological Studies

CPA London Founded in 1948, the Faculty has an international reputation for excellence in astrological education. Our aim has always been to raise the standard of astrological education and to cultivate the teaching of astrology as a serious subject of study.  The Faculty is known worldwide as a first class teaching body and its Diploma is a highly respected and internationally recognised qualification.

We offer flexible modular courses, available anywhere in the world by Distance Learning, at Classes in London and at our annual Summer School in Oxford, which is one of the international highlights of the astrological year.

Our courses provide sound, broad-based, high quality astrological tuition for the complete beginner right through to the professional astrologer and our aim is to ensure that students develop good skills in both technical and interpretive astrology.   So whether you embark on our Foundation Course for beginners, our Diploma Course for professional qualification, or attend the many different courses available at Summer School, the Faculty has the course for you!


Full details of our courses can be found on our website www.astrology.org.uk

Faculty of Astrological Studies
BM Box 7470

London WC1N 3XX

Email: info@astrology.org.uk
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