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CPA LondonThe Centre’s course is based on the academic module system where credits are collected for each seminar attended. The student is required to attend 48 one-day seminars and 30 three-hour case Supervision groups. Seminar samples are listed below. Of the 48 seminars, most of which are optional, the Psychological Approaches seminars are compulsory. These include days spent on the work of Freud, Jung, Psychosynthesis, Gestalt, etc., as well as the Counselling Techniques Seminar. The course runs on a three-term system, with new terms commencing in September, January and May. There are roughly ten seminars per term. We recommend you choose between 4 and 6 per term to spread the seminars evenly over 3 years. The regular course tutors are Director Liz Greene, Senior Tutor Darby Costello, Lynn Bell, Dermod Moore, Clare Martin, Karen Hamaker-Zondag, Alexander von Schlieffen and Juliet Sharman-Burke. In addition the CPA regularly invites visiting tutors including Bernadette Brady and Michael Lutin.

In order to facilitate students with daytime commitments, the one-day seminars are held on weekends, usually Sundays, and the case supervision meetings are held on weekends or Monday weekdays or evenings. The supervisors are trained therapists and astrologers and each student has the opportunity of presenting case material from the charts he or she is working on. The groups consist of roughly eight people, never more than ten. Once a year an in-depth oral assessment will be conducted either individually or with one other student, which will count as case supervision hours. The written work required will involve submitting a portfolio recording your reflections and observations of the seminars and supervision groups once a year. It is expected that it will be a form of self-assessment and can be used to help you process the material received in the teaching and supervision and your feelings about them. On completing the required number of seminars, supervision groups and written work, the student is entitled to receive the Certificate in Psychological Astrology.

In order to be awarded the Diploma in Psychological Astrology the student, on completing the seminar and supervision requirements, must do a Reading In Paper. This involves presenting to the Director, Liz Greene, and two tutors, the chart of a client with whom you have worked personally and in some depth, and whom you have seen for at least 3 sessions. The presentation should be written and then read out to the tutors. It should take about 3 hours, and include a detailed case, natal chart analysis and discussion of all areas of the chart including transits and progressions. The second part of the presentation should focus on your synastry with the client and the areas of over-lap and the ease or difficulty of your relationship. The tutors wish to see evidence of your astrological fluency as well as your style of working.

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