The Astrological Association of Great Britain

AA LogoThe Astrological Association is a registered charity dedicated to the support and promotion of astrology in all its branches. For over fifty years, it has been serving the astrological community through informing and bringing together astrologers from all over the world, via its stable of publications, its annual Conference, Kepler Research Day and other occasional events, and its support of local astrological groups. It also represents the interests of astrologers generally, responding when appropriate to issues raised within the media. 

Membership of the Association is open to all astrologers, whether amateur or professional – it currently has members in the UK and all around the world, who benefit from receiving the Journal free of charge as well as a reduced rate for its world-renowned September Conference.

In addition to the Journal, the AA publishes Correlation, an academic bi-annual journal on astrological research edited by Pat Harris; Culture and Cosmos, an academic journal on the history of astrology and cultural astronomy edited by Nick Campion; Astrology and Medicine Newsletter, the only journal in the world devoted to medical astrology, edited by Wanda Sellar; and the e-newsletters Directions and In The Loop.

The founding of the AA

AA's ChartThe Astrological Association was founded at 20:22 BST on 21 June 1958 in London by a group of astrologers from the Astrological Lodge of London (founded by Alan Leo in 1915). The two most prominent founders were John Addey, who originated the theory of harmonics, and Roy Firebrace, the sidereal astrologer and founder of the magazine, Spica. They were backed by Charles Carter and many other prominent Lodge members, including Joan Rodgers, Margaret Hone and Ingrid Lind. Past Presidents have included John Addey, Charles Harvey and Nick Campion.

The AA is a membership organisation and its board of trustees are nominated by, and voted for, by its members.

To find out more about the AA, to become a member, or to sign up for our free e-newsletters, just go to our website at or contact us at

If you would like to contribute an article to the Journal, see the Writers Guidelines on our website or contact the editor Carole Taylor at


The Astrological Journal

JournalAstrodienst is proud to team up with the Astrological Association to bring you a selection of articles from its international bi-monthly Journal. This is the AA’s flagship publication, a feast of articles covering all branches and aspects of astrology, and featuring the very best in astrological writing.
Every two months we will publish one article from the current issue of the Journal. In the intervening months, we will bring you an article from the Journal’s recent archives. Month by month, this will build into a library of work – a small taster of what the Journal has to offer!

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