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Star Children: Pirates

Astrological Stories by Juri Viktor Stork

"Thirteen pirates on a boat ..." Eerie chanting resounds from the hall, doors are slammed, and upstairs at least three dinosaurs are dancing Rock'n Roll - the children are back. Our old house with its wooden floors has gone through quite a lot over the years. But now, even the lamp on the ceiling starts to swing softly - time to go upstairs and "put a parental foot down"!

Four pirates...My daughter Rafaela is sitting on the bed of one of our neighbours' children. Sword in hand, a helmet on her head, she shouts at the top of her voice "...Hohoho, and a bottle of rum!" Three boys are glaring at me with wild eyes and decide to take me captive. I try to walk into the room without stepping on anything sharp, sticky or fragile, and invite the crew to have a snack. "What do you have?", my sweet-toothed pirate daughter wants to know. "Doughnuts", and the shouting stops immediately and makes room for a many-voiced "Mmmmh, fine."

Back in our flat, all of them are sitting quietly at the table, enjoying the sweet delicacy, when there is a soft knock at the door. Moses, the smallest member of the "crew" wants to join in, and also asks for his doughnut. Five children covered in icing sugar ...

My wife Annina and I, our 8-year-old son Leo, and our 7-year-old daughter Rafaela have lived in this over 200-year-old house for a few years now. Rolf and Vivian live on the ground floor with their 4-year-old son Moses, the second floor belongs to Barbara with her two boys Wilhelm and Michael, 8 and 5 years old. Three families: five adults, five children, three cats - truly thirteen pirates ...! The house demands a lot from its inhabitants as far as openness and the ability to keep one's private space are concerned: we listen to each other cleaning our teeth, put up with a groaning ceiling when dinosaurs start dancing, and enrich each other with our latest musical discoveries. As parents we are happy to discover that other couples also have rows, that not only our children have achieved mastery in emotional blackmail, and that even our pedagocially skilled housemate can be prone to completely unpedagocial shouting occasionally.

But for the children, this house really is like a huge ship which sometimes floats on a calm sea, sometimes crosses stormy waters, and now and again takes off for a flight into new dimensions. They try themselves out as pirates, witches, sewerage workers, and confectioners. Nothing is solid, everything is in flux, even their relationships with one another.

As an astrologer and curious person I like to look behind the veil of appearances - with the necessary respect. A horoscope reading for an adult is directed at a self-confident person who wants to understand themselves better. Therefore, I do not hesitate to confront my clients with difficult aspects of their personalities. This is the only way growth is possible. A child's horoscope reading, however, talks ABOUT the child to the parents or guardians. Here, a lot of sensitivity is required, not only with the more difficult aspects of the personality. What would you do with a sentence like: "Your child will be a very special person..."? How would you get it out of your head?

Let's be honest - as parents, we have expectations as well as fears for our children, and most of the time, these have more to do with our own experiences than with our children and their world ... . A good reading of a child's horoscope addresses you as a mother or father, and intends to show the whole potential of the child's character. In this way, you can take back your own projections. Children are not unformed or incomplete adults but always complete in themselves, everything is there right from the start. Remember?

So, what can I tell you about my daughter Rafaela, seven years old, with a Pisces Sun? Pisceans are quiet and gentle - is this what you think? Yes, and pirates knit socks ...! Rafaela, with her Scorpio Ascendant, is a passionate Pisces. She loves to eat fish, she loves fishes, especially dolphins, she swims like a fish, and her favourite play is to go to sea as a pirate, occasionally dive into deep waters to retrieve valuable pearls, fight a terrible sea monster or find a mysterious treasure that she shares with her cronies, and to continue their cruise towards new oceans. The new ocean emerges in her glass of water at the evening meal, and a bit of cheese takes a bath ... She fights passionately with her brother for the best place on mother's lap, and she falls passionately into bed and the deep sea of sleep.

Would you like to know more about your child? Order a Child's Horoscope by Liz Greene.

© Juri Viktor Stork / Astrodienst AG 2004
Translated by Karin Hoffmann
* All names in the story have been changed for reasons of confidentiality.
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