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Cinemascope -
Last month's silver screen stars

May 2014


The Legend of HerculesA famous hero of Greek mythology, who was praised for his physical strength, once again is made a movie hero in “The Legend of Hercules”. Accordingly to the cliché the buffed out, wild and unbeatable man with the club, who is even a bit simple-minded and lead only by instinct, strongly fights for his kingdom and his princess.


Paris or PerishTaurus-typical traditionalism combined with some Libra-elements of flippant urban culture blends into the formulaic culture-clash comedy “Paris or Perish”. The story is about a young Moroccan woman, who after merely having started a career in the fashion business is forced to leave Paris for bureaucratic reasons and return to her Moroccan home village. There she finally learns to appreciate some fundamental values…


Über-Ich und DuIn the German comedy “Superegos” a small-time crook with large debts settles in with an elderly psychoanalyst on the pretence of attending to him, while actually planning to steal his precious books, which could score a good price with the surprisingly book-loving fencers. The aged man, however, considers the would-be caregiver a perfect object for his psychoanalytical studies and with a lot of wit and sometimes subtle humour an entertaining buddy-movie is evolving.


Maleficent – Die dunkle FeeDisney's new family movie “Maleficent” is a retelling of the fairy-tale about Sleeping Beauty, revealing the reasons for the evil fairy godmother's curse: Starting out as a magnificent young fairy Angelina Jolie's title character resides in a paradise-like forest with frolicking nymphs and fairies until a human, whom she has fallen in love with, steals her wings in order to become king. How Maleficent's heart hardens, how she gets to know Princess Aurora after cursing her and how then, in view of innocence, she slowly returns to goodness is the journey we are invited to watch...


Good VibrationsMusic expresses the joy of living – but can this be true for punk music? “Good vibrations” is about punk music as a means of expressing one’s emotions in the midst of escalating conflicts in 70ies Belfast. And yes, a lust for life and even cheerfulness has their place in punk. Bursting with passion and vitality the movie is sort of homage to Terri Hooley, whose love for music and dream of its connective powers drove him to establish a record shop on just the most dangerous street of Belfast in that time and, under his eponymous record label, give new punk bands a chance to be heard.


WatermarkThe documentary “Watermark” is filled with information and visual impressions on how and to what extent the utilization of water by mankind has changed whole landscapes. Water has always been one of most essential resources for human life. For thousands of years water has been subjected to utilitarian principles, and its pathways have been altered by humans in seemingly reasonable and practical ways…


Words and PicturesThe sophisticated romantic comedy “Words and Pictures” is about a charming English teacher with a drinking problem and a feisty painter who is teaching art since she hardly can paint anymore because of health problems. The two of them enter into an amusing rivalry about the effects of words and pictures, while, along the way, they also concern themselves with their pupils’ relationships. Unsurprisingly they eventually fall in love with each other despite or possibly even because of their differences…


EnemyEnemy” is an eerie thriller and a deeply psychological tale about a solitary college history professor spotting a look-alike in a movie as an extra. He tries to find his doppelganger and pursues him with an increasing obsession that shakes both of their lives, ultimately leading to disaster. Nightmarish sequences with giant spiders and other surreal scenes are combined with a haunting soundtrack and recall David Lynch and his sex and crime-ridden cinema of feverish madness…


X-Men: Zukunft ist VergangenheitThe great saga about mutants with superhuman abilities, the X-Men and their battles for tolerance and acceptance is currently continued in “X-Men: Days of Future Past”. This time the not so promising present (and future) has to be saved by a journey into the past, where Professor Xavier needs to overcome a personal spiritual crisis while differences in ideology and questions about the means of political opposition are once again causing disagreement among mutants. Adapting the graphic novel this film blends Aquarian and Sagittarian elements and impresses the audience with bodacious visuals.


ZuluHow a society deals with guilt and the guilty ones and what the consequences of these dealings are, is the theme of “Zulu”, a bleak thriller set in South Africa. The film provides austere insights into the repercussions of the Apartheid-regime spreading through all public institutions, while as well pervading the relations between individuals and in their communities. Two policemen, whose personal fates are intertwined with the societal circumstances of guilt and reconciliation, are trying hard to solve a murder case that leads them deep into the gloomy past.


Ai Weiwei – The Fake CaseAi Weiwei – The Fake Case” is the third documentary by now about the Chinese artist and rebel Ai Weiwei. The film accompanies the dissident after his release from jail into house detention and documents the harassment he suffers from the authorities. The titular fake case is built against him on ridiculous charges in order to silence the inconvenient human rights activist. Yet against all odds the rebellious free thinker maintains his credo that “there is no outdoor sport as graceful as throwing stones at a dictatorship”…


Lose My SelfWho are we when we forget who we were? After an illness the protagonist of “Lose My Self” has lost all memory of her former identity. She doesn’t know what she was like or what she liked or who she was close to, she doesn’t recognize her husband and on photographs she even can’t identify herself. Her efforts to reconstruct her life with the help of a neurologist and second hand memories are followed by new experiences and encounters that slowly build something that is apparently becoming a new identity…

Vesna Ivkovic

Vesna IvkovicVesna Ivkovic studied literature and linguistics, sociology, philosophy and history and as well took a profound interest in psychology, mythology and different belief systems. Along the way she also explored various paths of body awareness such as the martial arts of Kung Fu, Dance, Yoga, Qi Gong and several other methods of body work and motion arts. In 1993 she discovered astrology as an instrument of knowledge and graduated in 2004 in Markus Jehle's and Petra Niehaus' master class at the Astrology Center Berlin. You can find out more about the author and her work on her own website www.astrosemiotics.de

by Vesna Ivkovic

The Cinemascope is meant to give an overview of current movies and their main themes from an astrosemiotical perspective (i.e.: regarding film as semiotic system and translating it into the astrological semiotic system). A well made movie not only has a story and a certain theme, it also provides a special atmosphere, a certain feeling and it draws us into its very own world. This basic quality that is contrived through characters, plot, setting and many other components also translates into one or more astrological principles. Quite simply: a fast-paced action-flick confronts us with plain Aries energy, a horror-movie evokes Scorpio-like abysmal depths and fears etc. We step out of the theatre and – if the film succeeded in sucking us in – find ourselves dwelling on and engaging in that special energetic quality.

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