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Lady Moon's Journey Through the Zodiac

An astrological Christmas story, by Juri Viktor Stork

Lady Moon looked at the Earth and saw the people's worries and hardships. She saw how disorder was still increasing and hopes were melting away. She saw the violence and the fear. The puzzled questions by human beings about the "why" had long grieved her. Lady Moon had long accompanied the human race on its paths under many names such as Isis, Thot, Selene, or Mani. But she had rarely seen times like these. Was it the sheer number of people on the planet, which sometimes gave her the feeling that they had all forgotten the source of their life and light?

Not that Lady Moon cared that they no longer paid tribute to her as a goddess. She would survive that. Yet, she felt the people's pain as if it was her own. And since humanity grew and grew, she began to feel increasingly more pain. So she decided to once again set out on a journey. She wanted to visit those who had sung the melody of the solar system with her in boundless space since the beginning of time. She wanted to ask the other heavenly bodies whether one of them perhaps knew of something that could help the human race remember its own light and relieve its pain. So she started out on the way to follow the given paths.

1 December: Saturn

Her first visit was to Saturn. She would have preferred to delay this encounter since she did not particularly like him. His coldness and harshness made her shiver. And whenever she got as close to him as today, she had the feeling that she could no longer see any colors. Very strange!

But she had learned in the meantime to take his advice very seriously, even if it was sometimes difficult to bear. "Saturn, Lord of Time and Guardian of the Threshold," she greeted him, "The human beings are unhappy and do not know where to turn. What can they do?"

"Lady Moon, Great Goddess, I greet you," Saturn responded. "It is the fear of death that makes the people unhappy. It has always been like this!"

"What could relieve this fear, Great Cronos?" Luna asked him.

Saturn was silent for a long, very long time. "Without death, no life," he said pensively. "Even the stars and the gods were born at some point and will die someday. Why should human destiny be any different than this? Human beings now live as if they would never die, and they die as if they had never really lived. If the people would just finally recognize that time is created in their own consciousness. Now is found between yesterday and tomorrow. They have always had the freedom to decide whether they really want to be there and take an active interest in nature or whether they actually prefer to live in the world of their imagination, where they constantly just encounter what they already know. Bless those who have the courage to devote themselves to temporality!"

He turned away, his countenance clouded, and he stared into the darkness. "Go and ask Venus. She can tell you more."

"I will," responded Lady Moon and said farewell to the Master of Time.

(Moon conjunction Saturn)

2 December: Mercury

She had hardly turned around and already saw Mercury in front of her. She was very familiar with his many faces and knew to watch out for his sharp tongue. Sometimes chuckling and sometimes gesticulating, usually with a joke on the tip of his tongue (which she always just understood later) he was constantly in movement and sometimes as childish as only a god could be. But today he was pale. His eyes flashed darkly, and he had traded his walking staff for a sword. He stood silently in a corner formed by rocks. "Welcome, Lady Moon. Have you already noticed," he asked coolly, "that the human beings have become forgetful? They simply no longer remember." He grinned like a rascal. "Actually, I am to blame for this," he then said.

"You should be to blame that the people can no longer remember, Esteemed Hermes? You must explain that to me," responded Lady Moon.

He appeared to enjoy having caused trouble for human beings since his scornful smile got even broader: "I once showed them the possibilities for finding their way out of the swamp of belief and assuming that things are the truth. I taught them how to preserve knowledge and memories so that not every generation must always make the same mistakes. Unfortunately, the fools have recently started to gather not only knowledge but every type of information that they can get their hands on – even the last fart! Someone has taught them a type of magic (which they call the computer) with which anyone can know immediately know everything. Like lunatics, they now collect everything that they can think of. But it seems that no one knows anymore about what is important and what is not!" He coughed slightly, and his winged feet flattered a bit.

"In earlier times, they also did not really know what was important, but at least back then they at least knew that that they did not know it. They all believe that they are knowledgeable thanks to this "knowledge magic," and those who really know are either not asked or not listened to. Now they are in serious trouble. I would like to know who brought them this magic." He looked at Lady Moon with exasperation.

"This is terrible," Lady Moon replied. She knew about the mystery of abundance and emptiness from her own experience. "The minds of the people are so full and so empty at the same time," she said to Mercury. "No wonder that things are going so badly for them. But I am not so certain that you are to blame for their misery." She quietly asked herself whether she had failed to properly convey the secret of abundance and emptiness to the human beings. She suddenly felt like she was very thin and empty, and sensed her fatigue as she continued on the path.

(Moon conjunction Mercury)

3 December: Sun

Lady Moon was now completely cloaked in darkness and looking forward to the embrace with the great light. She loved the radiant light that the human beings called the "Sun." This wild power that fed everything without taking any consideration of itself, that burned itself without asking "why."

"Sun," she asked, "why are people so unhappy these days?"

"Are they?" asked the Sun. "I have not even noticed it. But you are the specialist in empathy, dear Luna." A small eruption made its rays more intensive for a moment. "But that may explain why I have recently felt somewhat restless myself. Because human beings - and very few of them know this - could kindle a sun within themselves. The more human suns there are on the Earth, the more beautiful is it for me to shine. My "yes" and the "yes" of the human beings are the same. There were times in which the human world exulted with so much "yes." We rejoiced together and the more we sang, the more joyful we were. But things have become quite boring in this regard today. But I cannot tell why this is, beloved Lady Moon. I sing my song and it pleases me."

"Just as you also please me," Lady Moon responded. They held each other in their arms for a long time, sometimes silent and sometimes singing, before the goddess once again set out on the path to visit the other gods and goddesses of heaven.

(Moon conjunction Sun, New Moon)

4 December: Mars

From far away, Lady Moon already heard the snorting of horses. She saw Mars riding by on his war chariot. The two black, terrifying horses Phobos and Daimos were frothing at the mouth and their hooves hammered the night sky. Where did Ares, the God of War, want to go? What was he up to? To which battle field was he drawn today? Or to which bedroom? He did not look unhappy, and she was quite astonished to hear that he was singing a song. And it did not sound bad at all.

Lady Moon mistrusted Mars. He had already hurt her more than once as he brashly ran into her chambers, waving around his arms and demanding some type of explanation about women from her. Sometimes he was also sweet and innocent, but he very quickly talked himself into a rage. Then he could no longer be stopped, and a quarrel with Mars could not be ended all that easily.

"He is somewhat simpleminded," she thought to herself and sighed. The human women allowed themselves to be impressed by his strength and wild glittering, and human men tried to mimic him as often as possible. "I will solve the problem," could be heard from Mars time and again, and he firmly believed that this was true. Unfortunately, so did quite a few of the human beings. Quick solutions without any previous thought were certainly one of the reasons for their regular misfortunes. Oddly enough, they loved war – even though it only brought them death and depravity. "How bored they must be if they even welcome war!" Her heart was completely perplexed. She recognized the next place to which her path would lead. What would the Lord of the Underworld tell her about the human race?

(Moon square Mars)

5 December: Pluto

Lady Moon did not have a general aversion toward Pluto, the Ruler of the Underworld. She knew that he was often misunderstood. But his presence, which was difficult to tolerate, and his smell of wet stone and steel was reason enough for the majority to get away from him as quickly as possible. It was also difficult for her to enter his kingdom now. She had rarely felt darker than today. Hades sat rigidly on his throne in the dark. "What do you want?" he shouted at her. "Do you not see that I am working?" He gave Lady Moon a gloomy look. No detail escaped his scrutinizing eyes. His gaze stopped at her silver hair. "You are getting old," he said with a voice that made her shiver.

"I am old," she responded. "And I have been so for a long time. I have looked at the world as long as there has been life on it. And I still do not understand why the human beings are so unhappy at this time. Things have never been better for them, they have never had so much to eat, and they have never before gotten so old."

Pluto's eyes sparkled in anger. "The Earth has never been so desecrated as today. They plunder the treasures of the Earth for nothing at all! Did you not see how they tear open all of the treasure chambers and take away everything that is valuable? And what do they do with it? They build machines to relieve them of this work. They tear even deeper holes in the skin of the Earth with them and poison the ground, the water and the air in the process. And why do they do all of this? Human beings have become insane! They have been good at learning how to force matter to serve them. They also could have had it without compulsion, but it is as it is. This is how they wanted it, and now I am forcing them to deal with the consequences."

He gruffly turned away. "Leave me now. I must work," he said to Lady Moon. She shyly asked him what he had to do. The Ruler of the Underworld slowly turned around. He looked at her in silence for a long time. Then he said in a low voice: "I do what I have always done when the human beings have forgotten that they are just guests on this planet: I make life difficult for them! I give them back everything that they did not want to have."

He sat back down on his throne and froze into a black silence. The groaning and moaning of the dead could now clearly be heard. Lady Moon quietly retreated, and the tapping of her bare feet could soon no longer be heard.

(Moon conjunction Pluto)

6 December: Venus

Lady Moon remembered what Saturn had said. What did the Goddess of Love know that the Ruler of Time did not? The perpetually young Venus with her impeccable beauty sat on a rock at the edge of a deep blue lake. The eternal mountains rose up steeply behind her and every color was somewhat more intensive than otherwise. This also applied to the smells, as Lady Moon was delighted to discover. She had been surprised time and again at how the world around Aphrodite always wanted to show itself from its most beautiful and intensive side.

"Dearest Lady Moon – what a joy!" is how she was greeted by Venus. "Come, sit down next to me and keep me company."

Lady Moon sat down beside her and gazed at her for a long time. "You are more beautiful than ever today. I even feel like I am young again right now!" She almost forgot her question, but then she noticed that Venus had been studying her the entire time. "Your hair has become even whiter recently, Lady Moon. Do you have worries?"

"The human beings," Lady Moon responded. "They are worried, and so am I. I have already visited Saturn, Mercury, Pluto, and the Sun and asked if they know what oppresses the people so much. Saturn thought that I should ask you whether you might have an idea as to what could help them."

"Me?" the beautiful goddess laughed with a bright silver voice, "old Saturn probably still has guilt feelings because he castrated Uranus with the silver sickle. I have often given my advice, and it has not changed during the thousands of years that I have accompanied the human beings. I say it to everyone, no matter what their status, gender, or how much money they have: Make - it - beautiful!" Venus shone in the setting sun while she listened inside herself with closed eyes. Her flowing hair wafted in the wind. Then she opened her eyes, looked at Lady Moon, and added: "Then life is worthwhile, and death loses its terror. Perhaps that was what Saturn was afraid to tell you himself."

(Moon conjunction Venus)

7 December: Moon

Lady Moon was fleet-footed today and almost flew. Deeply immersed in her thoughts, she tried to summarize what she had heard so far. She could not stop thinking about Uranus. The silver sickle! But that was actually her own symbol. Did she have something to do with this? And what else had happened when Saturn had castrated Uranus, the Father of Heaven, at Gaia's request? In addition to Aphrodite, the Venus born of the sea foam, the Furies were also created through the blood that had dripped onto the Earth. The Furies always appeared whenever a human being violated the sacred customs. They took divine revenge on the perpetrators and did not even stop in death until the person showed genuine remorse. They would definitely have their reasons for revenge today…

But she could hardly make Uranus responsible for the existence of the Furies since he was the one who was castrated after all. Then it would rather be Saturn – who had carried out the deed, but at the request of Gaia. And it was ultimately also up to the human beings to respect the sacred laws. They appeared to have a strange understanding of freedom. But how did they get the disastrous idea that no boundaries had been set for them? Even the gods had to subject themselves to the principle of Ananke, the necessity.

(Moon in Aquarius, sextile Uranus)

8 December: Neptune

There it was again, this rumbling in the depths. The world trembled in its foundations. "Necessity," Lady Moon heard Pluto murmuring in the depths, "reversing the need."

Water swirled around Lady Moon's naked feet. The light broke in wafts of mist and shone in delicate rainbows. She stood at the edge of a glassy, deep blue body of shiny water. An old white-haired man in the lotus position floated just above it as if he was sitting directly on the surface of the water.

"Luna, beautiful Lady Moon, welcome," Neptune said. "I have been expecting you. You must be wondering," he continued, "why you are meeting me at this place. But water is water, both at the source and in the depths of the ocean."

"I know that, esteemed Neptune. Everything comes and goes in the eternal cycle," Luna responded quietly. "But the human beings seem to have forgotten it. They dream of eternal growth."

"That does not exist, dear Lady Moon, in the mortal world, as you know. Here it is final and everyone who goes far enough will eventually wind up at their starting point again. Even the human beings will meet up with themselves again at some point. They confuse "un-end-ing" with "eternal." He stood up and walked across the water to Lady Moon. How small he was, she thought to herself.

"You must know, Luna, that I am only here for a little while," he smiled with some embarrassment, "virtually as a course of treatment. We overdid it a bit, Uranus and I. We simply found no end in our dream as he lingered in my realm and I in his. It was a great and wild dream full of hope. But when I awaken, I found myself in the form of a giant wave and raced directly toward a coast. With all my might, I tried to prevent my horses from surging against the mainland, but I no longer had the strength to hold them. Something crunched horribly between my teeth, the people screamed and were concerned as they looked at one of their strange structures in which they tried to hold Pluto's fire in check with my water. I have not felt very good since then. Chiron, the great healer, God be with him, thought I should regenerate here for a while by meditating and remembering. I already feel much better and will soon return to the ocean."

"Chiron is here?" Lady Moon asked. "Can I see him? Perhaps he knows what the human beings need."

"The human beings!" Neptune let a few tears flow over his cheek and into his white beard. "If they just were not so stupid! Many residents of the oceans have bitterly complained about what has been done to them and the water. The human beings must finally learn to feel again. They know so much in their minds, but it appears that they have lost any ability to act in keeping with their knowledge. Whatever they do to the water, they are also doing to themselves!"

"What advice would you give to the human beings, God of the Water?" Luna asked him.

"If I were a human being, I would pray." Neptune bowed before Luna and moved in the direction of the thick fog that billowed above the surface of the water. "Give Chiron my greetings. He is very close," she still heard him call before the fog swallowed him up.

(Moon conjunction Neptune)

9 December: Chiron

Neptune had been right. He had hardly disappeared in the fog and she already heard the clattering sound of hooves, accompanied by a strange, throaty singing. Chiron – in his mythical form of half horse, half human being – emerged from the fog. Today he wore a floppy hat decorated with feathers and carried a shaman's drum in one hand. He placed the other on his heart and called out: "Welcome, Lady Moon, primordial mother of the temporal, companion of the Earth!" Where does his heart beat? Or did he perhaps even have two? Lady Moon asked herself before she was hit by the wave of pain and grief that always surrounded Chiron. She gasped unintentionally, and Chiron gave her a concerned look. "Are you in pain?" dearest Luna? Can I do something for you?"

"No, Chiron, Great Healer, I am doing very well." She made an effort to stand in a serene and upright way. "But the human beings!"

"Oh, yes." Chiron sighed. "I know. They are making things very difficult for themselves right now." He stamped his hooves in annoyance. "But what should I do? After all, they do not listen to me! I have been showing them how to create more harmony between the mind and the body for years and days. A human being is a human being, and a human being is an animal. Much would be gained if the human being and the human animal would speak with each other! But this is too embarrassing for most of them: "Me, an animal!" So now I wait until they are tired of their suffering. After all, they know where they can find me. And if they should forget, dear Luna, then tell them about me." He beat his drum a few times, responded to the dull sound of the tensed animal skin with his throaty singing, and then disappeared into the darkness.

(Moon conjunction Chiron)

10 December: Moon

Luna felt good today. The conversations with Neptune and Chiron had given her new hope. After all, she now knew what she could tell the human beings to ease their adversity. At least those who were willing to listen. She was realistic enough to know that this would not bring the turning point since it was basically the same thing that the gods had been telling human beings for thousands of years: Have compassion for the animal; do not harden yourself; honor the gods and the ancestors; do not forget that you are just a guest on this planet. But she still could not understand the matter of how forgetful the human beings are. How could it be that humanity no longer remembered the old stories? They would soon celebrate the big festival in honor of one of their own. He had shown them a practicable path, and he was not the only one. Yet it was easy to recognize that the human beings no longer understood the words of their old sacred books, which was obviously not a surprise considering that they rarely truly understood even when they had first been written. "If I were a human being," Lady Moon thought to herself, "I would ask myself where I come from and where I will go." She now looked forward to the coming encounter with Uranus, the Father of Heaven. Would he be able to tell her more?

(Moon trine Jupiter/Saturn)

11 December: Uranus

She had expected to find an ancient, disgruntled, emasculated old man. How surprised she was when she saw him: A well-proportioned strong man in his prime was dancing in the middle of a blazing fire. The flames did not seem to bother him - quite to the contrary. He appeared to almost glow himself. His arms stretched up to the sky, he danced with bare feet on the smoldering coals. Without interrupting his dance, he called out to Luna: "Did you expect a complaining old man, dear Lady Moon? Then listen to this: There are no old stories! The human myths tell of the human spirit. I exist only in the spirit of the human beings – and so do you. As long as the human beings know the gods, we will exist. If they forget us, we will also wander into Hades and with us the human spirit. I am the great dream of the human beings. They dream me, and I dream them. Together we dream what was, what is, and what will be. The difference between the human beings and me is: They are many, but I am all of them." He turned on his own axis with increasing speed. The flames became bright white, and blinding flashes flickered around his head. Lady Moon now saw that his face was ancient and even older than her own. She trembled in awe.

"As long as the human beings understand their myths and sacred writings as reports from times long passed, they will remain without genuine knowledge. Only when they can understand that all of these stories tell about what happens within them, then the fate of Earth will change. Yes, Saturn emasculated me, and he still does so. He draws the dream into its manifestation and Aphrodite – the beautiful Venus – can appear. It always has been and always will be like this. All of the worlds are interwoven with each other, and the human beings would be well advised to listen to the wise words of one of their greatest teachers who told them that the kingdom of heaven is near! He said "near" and that is also what he meant."

He leaped through the fire. Before she knew what was happening, he stood next to her and enveloped her with his flames in a fiery embrace for a moment.

"Let us dream together for a moment, Goddess of Transformation. Perhaps together we can find a few answers to the questions that were not asked." He embraced Luna in a firm grip, and she leaped with him into a world in which dream and form seemed to merge into a different reality.

(Moon conjunction Uranus)

12 December: Moon

Lady Moon felt charged with energy, yet also a bit sore as she continued on her path once again. She knew that she would be travelling alone again for a while, but that was fine with her. This allowed things to become somewhat clearer for her before she would give humanity her light as a round and full moon in a few days. She was curious as to whether the human beings would listen to what she had to tell them. Uranus had swept her away into a world that was also foreign to her. She had seen worlds behind the worlds, creative force without origin, the living cause of all form and reality – even her own. "Not every moon is allowed to encounter the original causes of its own existence," she was touched and even a bit proud as this thought came to her. She had once again found her power and was dignified as she rushed along her ancient path across the sky. "What I now know is that the human beings can know enough to at least relieve their adversity. They even know Saturn's secret that time is something relative! What the devil actually prevents them from acting in keeping with this?" Lady Moon thought to herself. Devil? She quickly suppressed the thought. During her entire long life, she had still never encountered the Devil. She shook herself energetically. She was Luna, the Moon Goddess, and not a human being who feared even the images of her own imagination!

(Moon trine Jupiter/Lilith)

13 December: Dragon Tail

The migration through the zodiac led Lady Moon to a place that she knew well. Sometimes when she was here, the light changed and the shadows grew. Sometimes she even had the feeling when she was here that she heard how the Dragon of Primeval Times breathed. She did not even know whether she had ever seen him. If so, then that must have been a very long time ago… She thought about her encounter with the Sun, and the memory cheered her up. It was fortunate that the Sun God radiated so brightly and that he was he so constant. Everything depended on his light. "And on me as well," thought Lady Moon, "without my continuous coming and going, the human beings would have no idea of time and transformation." She took her task very seriously. "It is my responsibility and my joy to illustrate the fact of transformation to the human beings night after night."

ΤΥΧΗ, Chance
Strict the limit, yet a drifting, pleasant
Moves around it, with us, circling us;
You are not long alone, you learn decorum,
And likely act as any manjack does:
It comes and goes, in life, you lose or win,
It is a trinket, toyed with, wearing thin.
Full circle come the years, the end is sighted,
The lamp awaits the flame, to be ignited.
Goethe, Primal Words (Urworte)

(Moon opposition Moon's Node)

14 December: Saturn

Luna hastened further through the zodiac. She knew that she had visited almost all of her consorts and companions. Only Mars, the God of War, and Jupiter, the great Father of the Gods, were waiting for her. She was curious about the encounter with Jupiter, the great Zeus, who had appeared a few months ago at her palace with the request that he be allowed to live at her place for a while. She had given him the best room and looked forward to long conversations at the open fire. But they had found little opportunity for an exchange up to now. She had invited him to dinner, but Zeus had excused himself by saying that he must first attend to a few urgent matters. And she, Lady Moon, was obviously always en route. But she was firmly determined to make it work out the next time that she was home. She had to talk to him!

She felt lonely. "I bear too many responsibilities," she thought to herself. She had to think of the stern Saturn, who she had visited at the very start of her journey. "Bless those who have the courage to devote themselves to temporality." Those had been his words. But his hard gaze had hinted at another, unspoken sentence: "And woe to the people who refuse to be here." Luna definitely saw the distress of the human beings. What could the people do in order to gain more trust in their own existence? They were born naked and bare, helpless and in need of protection into a world in which they at first were completely dependent on the care of the mother. Luna's heart grew wide with empathy for the women of this world. "What responsibility they must bear! They are the ones who create the basis for trust within the human beings. And where should they get it, the trust, if they did not have it themselves?" She knew that she herself would soon appear to the people in her full size in the sky, just like every month. But this time, she would try to shine in an especially bright and beautiful way to the people and accompany them as a female role model: "Look at me. I am here, just like I have always been! Everything is in its place, even in the dark night. Look for yourselves!"

Inspired by her intent, she hurried on." Jupiter could wait. Now it was her turn to remind human beings of the light.

(Moon opposition Saturn)

15 December: Venus

Luna became aware that she had a mission when she once against shone from the heavens in her full light. She had to give the human beings a sign! It suddenly occurred to her that she was restless. She hated this feeling because it simply did not suit the role of the dignified and wise woman! How could she succeed in getting at least a few people to look up at the sky and become open for her light? There was only one being who could give her good advice, and she had already met her a few days ago: What would Venus possibly advise her to do?

She heard her laughing with her sweet, clear, and immensely attractive voice: “Luna, I should give you advice? You of all gods, who knows the true needs of the human beings better than any of the others? You who can even reach into the dreams of the human beings? Tell them a story – after all, you are so good at that. Do not let yourself be led astray by the restlessness of the gods; they have to polish their egos every now and then. Saturn is taking life very seriously yet again. Mercury is playing the game of chance, the Sun God Apollo still thinks that he is magnificent, and Pluto has locked himself up in the deepest chamber of the underworld and is devising new torments for the sinners of the world. Strange hobby! It has been quite a while since I last met Neptune and Uranus, but what should they really come up with – those two dreamers! Zeus should finally invite everyone to come to his temple again, by Jove! The great Zeus…," Venus hesitated a bit before she heard Luna continue to say, "I rather prefer Mars with his direct manner. Zeus is currently... alas, you will soon see for yourself. But one thing is clear: They all no longer speak with each other! How should the human beings fare well if not even the gods talk to each other!

In other words, speak with the human beings and tell them a story about listening in restless times. And about the gift of language. Show them the beauty of the word. How often have you already told me, "Once upon a time…"

(Moon Trine Venus)

16 December: Mars

Luna thought about Venus' words. "Once upon a time…" Yes, it was once upon a time. The human beings loved fairy tales. They loved them so much that they constantly invented new stories. They could tell them artfully, with thunder and lightning. What did she, a simple Lady Moon, have to offer? She who always told the same story. "It was once upon a time, it is, and it will be." Would that be enough? It is so simple, Lady Moon thought in despair – too simple! "Teach them, the human beings, how to pray," she heard a voice that seemed to come to her from everywhere, "tell them about the light of the beyond!" Lady Moon suddenly felt very weak. Should the only alternative be the world of dreams? She remembered a previous meeting of the gods. Neptune and Mars, both of whom had already had too much to drink, talked themselves into such a rage that the sparks flew! She no longer knew precisely what Neptune had said, but Mars swept the glasses of sublime wine from the table with an angry motion as he stood up while shouting at Neptune: "And then, you miserable seducer, what then? What if there was nothing more for the human beings to do? You do not know what you are talking about! Take the work away from the human beings, and you will see what mischief they come up with. The human beings are smarter than you about this, you old dreamer! Before the enlightenment, chop wood; after the enlightenment, chop wood! Even the human teachers know that. But you!" He stormed away with an expression full of contempt.

Mars, thought Lady Moon, it has been a long time since I saw him. I will also have to ask him. He knows how to do a job properly. How to concentrate. "The way in which you take the first step will determine your entire fight," he had once said. How right he had been. She recognized how she had sometimes underestimated him. Without Mars, the others would just talk constantly. Nothing would be realized. "Mars," she thought, "I need you. The human beings need you!" "Lady Moon," she heard him, "I will be there. I love life!"

(Square Neptune and Chiron, Trine Mars)

17 December: Full Moon in Gemini

Now she turned completely towards the Earth. She enjoyed the rays of the sun and tried to reflect as much light as possible. Today she wanted nothing for herself, but she wanted everything for the human beings and all living beings on this wonderful, lively planet.

"Once upon a time," she sang, "there was once a sea of fire and ice. Between the light and the darkness, we, the bodies of the heavens, were born. We were there, and there was nothing else. No one heard our singing. I, Luna, was the companion of the Earth, since primeval times. I saw the water, the clouds, the wasteland, and the wandering storms. But then I saw the Earth breathing, and I could see the wonder of life as it came into being. The entire planet became alive. A wonder had occurred on the Earth! I told my companions, but they were asleep. Until a shock suddenly shot through the entire universe: I saw eyes that looked at me and recognized me! Me, Luna! There were more and more eyes, and it soon seemed like the entire planet was just one eye that looked into the infiniteness. The beings that now populated the Earth called themselves human beings, and it was apparent that they carried the light of perception within themselves. Perception had come to the Earth. And all of the gods knew what that meant!

The light has never disappeared since then. You human beings seem to have a certain ability of holding the light within yourselves. This makes me happy! I am happy that you see me, that you count the days until I am full and bright, and that you miss me when I cannot be seen. I am happy that you look. Look and see, listen and hear, you human beings with the light. Without you, there would be nothing. You are the witnesses of the creation! You are the witnesses of the light! You are the consciousness of the Earth."

This is how Lady Moon sang throughout the entire night and told the human beings of their own history. She saw eyes that looked at her and heard the murmuring of the human beings. Here and there she caught a few scraps of conversation, and was also greatly relieved to hear the echo of her own words in the people's thoughts and dreams.

(Moon Opposition Sun, Full Moon)

18 December: Lady Moon and Her Palace

It seemed like a dam had broken. Luna felt better than she had in a long time. She had done what she could, and she knew that the human beings had heard her – at least some of them. As long as there were people who could hear the words of heaven, nothing was lost.

She saw the silhouette of her palace in front of her. How she loved the silver glow of its walls with the large, inviting archway and the elegantly curved window openings in the circularly arranged structures. Everything was decorated with colorful little flags and artistically mounted mirrors that broke the light into every color of the rainbow. She hurried so much that she almost ran. A hot bath, an intensive massage, and a big pot of tea were what she now desired. And then a conversation with Jupiter, the great Zeus. He had certainly also noticed that things were not going so well on Earth and had the necessary actions taken. For example, a meeting of the gods.

She walked through the gateway into the front court of her palace. It smelled like sandalwood, herbs, and rose oil. The wind chimes hanging in the halls of the gateway sounded softly, and light reflexes of the mirror mobiles and dreamcatchers wandered across the walls and on the dark silver floor. She was at home.

(Moon Square Mars, Trine Neptune, Trine Moon's Nodes)

19 December: Jupiter and Lilith

But nothing came of her wish to take a hot bath. Even from far away, she heard strange sounds coming out of her bathing palace – the giggling of a woman, the clinking of glasses, and a peculiar squeaking. A sonorous voice with which she was quite familiar called out: "Sweetie, come back to bed!"

Luna's face was suddenly flushed with anger. By Jove! Who was with Zeus in her bathing palace? Even the great Jupiter was not allowed to simply bathe in her sacred waters! She strode decisively through the gateway and into the interior of her sanctuary. She was speechless as she saw the nearly naked Jupiter lying on the divan with a glass of red wine in one hand. The other rested on the belly of a beauty who was just as scantily clad as her long, wavy hair fell like a waterfall over the edge of the sofa. She knew this person! Wherever she appeared, the men became weak and the problems were rampant. Lilith – the banned and rebellious woman, the mother of the demons – here in her palace together with Zeus, who had lost control of his hormones once again! She silently approached the two of them. When they finally saw her, Zeus turned pale and Lilith tittered in a vulgar way, which soon changed into a nervous coughing fit.

"Luna," the great Zeus stammered, "are you back already? I, ah, did not expect you yet. What day do we have today?" He tried to raise himself and spilled all of the wine on Lilith, who was still lying in his lap. Her light dress turned blood red. "You idiot," she screamed at him, "you ruined my best silk dress!"

"Luna, I do not know what got into me!" the great Zeus stuttered, white as snow. He raised himself without any consideration of Lilith, who had a hard landing on the stone floor. "I'm so sorry!" he said with a trembling voice and hurried out of the bath palace, the empty wine glass still in his hand.

Lilith stood facing Lady Moon and grinned. "That was not what you expected of Zeus," she said, with a voice that had nothing in common with her beautiful appearance. "We had a lot of fun together. Until you showed up. I hope that you do not hold our tryst in your palace against us. Your cleaning ladies will take care of this in the wink of an eye." She giggled again. Luna stood there in silence and looked at this strange character. Lilith was a ghost – she was well aware of this. Lilith was at home where there was nothing, and she herself was nothing. "Leave my palace right now!" she shouted at the figure, which had almost become transparent in the meantime. Luna turned around and left her water temple without even giving her another glance.

20 December: Luna and Jupiter

Lady Moon felt tired. It had been a long night. After the incident in the bathing temple, she had hurried to her private chambers. Instead of taking a bath, she had showered, changed her clothes, and then sat down in her red armchair at the window. She knew Lilith and was aware that it was pointless to argue with her. This woman was utterly committed to the word "no," and she denied even this. Not even a divine angel could do anything about it. She was the exact opposite of the living Earth, and things rarely grew wherever she was – quite to the contrary. Yet, Luna was still shaken by the idea that Jupiter had gotten involved with her. And in her palace to boot! She had placed such high hopes in the great Zeus.

Then someone knocked on the door. In response to her tired "come in!" he – the great Zeus – entered her room. He looked worse for wear and was still pale. He sat down across from her on the floor with his back against the wall. They both looked at each other for a long time.

"Luna, I know that I can hardly make amends for what happened," he said in a sheepish voice, "and I will be indebted to you for a long time to come." "Not just to me, great Zeus," she responded, "but also to your fellow gods and perhaps even to the human beings."

"The human beings? What do they have to do with this?" he asked in astonishment.

Luna's voice was stern: "Have you forgotten that Lilith only became what she is because of the human beings? She preferred to go into the desert instead of subjecting herself to the human spirit. She has roamed through infinite time since then and sows doubt wherever she can. And you? Instead of helping the people to find a new vision, you go to bed with her! Incidentally, Venus already knew about it. You are really in trouble with her!"

Jupiter blushed and closed his eyes in embarrassment. He was silent for a long time, and Luna saw that he was flying through time in his thoughts. He finally opened his eyes and said: "I have heard you, Lady Moon. But give me one reason why I should help the human beings."

"Because, great Zeus, when the people stop remembering you, you – we, the entire family of gods – will go to Hades forever. I know that you do not like to hear this. But who are you when no one knows you? So finally listen to the pleading of the few who still remember you and answer them!"

(Moon in Cancer, opposition Venus)

21 December: Luna and Jupiter (again)

Now she was travelling again. She still wanted to meet with Mars, the beautiful God of Battle. Could it be that the human beings were simply lacking in decisiveness? She had spent many hours speaking with Jupiter in the temple that night. He had given her a tired and perplexed look after she asked him the same question that she had previously posed to all of the planet gods: "What can we do so that the human beings can be happy once again?"

"Luna," the great Zeus had responded, "I do not know. The human beings have everything that they require and even much more than that. The Earth is fertile, and it could remain that way for a long, long time. There would be enough to eat for everyone, enough to drink for everyone; there would be enough stories for everyone, and there would also be enough love there for everyone. Yet, they have somehow forgotten that they belong together. They do not want this. The rich are afraid of the poor, the whites of the people of color, the healthy of the ill, and the old of the young. They have not understood what their great teacher and bringer of light revealed to them in the old days: That they are all part of one spirit." Jupiter silently looked at Lady Moon and continued: "I have given them more in the last century than they could ever have dreamed of. Immeasurable wealth can be found on this Earth, and they have already found much of it."

He remained silent for a long time and then said: "The human beings must want it, not we gods! In the darkest hour before the sunrise, the desire for light is the greatest."

(Moon in Leo)

22 December: Saturn

The great Zeus had bent his knee before her – Luna! She smiled at the memory of it. That had never happened before, and she also had no illusions that this deference would continue for long. She knew Zeus all too well! But she still felt honored and amused as she somewhat impatiently hurried across the sky. Would she manage to catch up with Mars? She wanted to learn more about decisiveness from him. Because they must certainly still be a possibility that the human beings would again take courage and be able to shape their destiny on their own. Decisiveness and trust – this was what the human beings needed. Trust was something that she knew about: The certainty of not getting lost.

"Saturn," she spoke in her thoughts, "you are the one who holds the boundaries. Are you?"

"Luna," she heard him answer in his usual voice that made her shiver, "I am the boundary. Nothing will and nothing can get lost. I am the boundary both here and there, and as long as this creation consists, I will be the boundary – banned, hated, and misunderstood by some but loved by those who do understand. I am the unimaginable density, and I even hold the edges of the universe. Nothing escapes from time, as long as it wants to escape from time."

"Then the human beings can trust you," Lady Moon responded.

"So it is. Nothing and no one will get lost, neither today nor tomorrow. I am the container of creation!" For a moment, his voice turned into a thunder with an echo that could even be heard on the Earth.

"And one more thing, Lady Moon," she heard the distant whispering voice of Saturn say, "do not be impatient. You cannot pull on the grass so that it grows more quickly."

(Moon square Saturn)

23 December: Luna and Neptune

She looked down upon the Earth and saw the brightly lit cities. Lady Moon did not especially like this light. Not too long ago, the Earth was dark at night. The people slept, and she could listen to them as they dreamed. But now almost the entire planet was brightly illuminated, and she could feel the hectic activities of the human beings even in the middle of the night.

Tomorrow was the start of the Christmas celebration. Even though Luna had been listening to the human beings for eons, she still did not know exactly what or who was actually being celebrated here. The birth of a great teacher and bringer of light, she had often heard but could not imagine that this meant the light illuminating the cities of the Earth at night.

Neptune crept into her consciousness like a gentle wave. "There have always been two types of light – the outer and the inner. What is the nature of the Sun? What is your nature, Luna? Are you a heap of stones in space or are you a goddess?"

"I am most certainly a goddess, as you know," Luna responded. "But I cannot say what my nature is. I am, and I cannot remember ever not existing."

"The human beings are just like that. They cannot fathom their nature. And they have also – in their feeling – always been there. They live with what is and shape their world according to what wants to manifest from within them. And EVERYTHING wants to manifest at this time, even the inner light. No wonder that they illuminate their planet. It is their way of first shaping the inner in the outer. This is the only way that they learn to understand."

"And what happens when everything from the inside is on the outside?" Luna asked.

"At first they will feel empty, unhappy, and alone. Just like now. Those who suffer the most will be the first to once again turn to the inside in the search for what they are lacking. And since they are calling it, a new inner light will come to them and a time of renewal will begin. This is how it has always been with the human beings. After all, they are starting a celebration in honor of one of their great bringers of light right at this moment on the entire Earth."

Luna was silent for a long time. "So are we still even important? If the true light of the human beings comes from within them, why are we planet gods still here?"

"Be, and you will be honored. The more they honor you, the more they will honor themselves," Neptune responded.

(Moon opposition Neptune)

24 December: Luna, Chiron and Human Beings

Luna realized that she could not catch up to Mars until Christmas Eve. She would have liked to ask him whether he could contribute something to help the human beings become more decisive. But after yesterday's conversation with Neptune, the powerlessness of the gods and goddesses had become clear to her.

"You are a goddess after all," she thought to herself, "and yet completely at the mercy of the human beings. We travel our orbits in the heavens and give them support and orientation in the infinite void of creation. Yet, the history of life is written by the human beings themselves. They are the light of the Earth."

She heard a very familiar singing from far away. She closed her eyes and tried to understand the distant words that Chiron sent into the expanse of space. Images flooded her inner eyes – images of darkness and all-oneness, of light and the life that streamed endlessly from a secret source, fed by the intimate encounter of two lovers. She saw how the light within the human beings gave birth, like an enchanting flower that opens for the first time. She also saw the angry resistance of the darkness and how much pain was borne by those who kept the light inside themselves. "The light-bearers of this Earth are as defenseless as children," Luna thought, and her heart overflowed with empathy. She forgot her striving for help because she saw that there was nothing that she and her kind could do except to be there.

On the only fertile planet in this corner of the universe, people sat together, ate, sang, and laughed in this night. Some prayed, and there was a more tangible feeling than otherwise that heaven was closer for a moment. In some places, people sat in silence and were immersed in the sensation of the inner light.

In a small village in the Alps, a little girl walked through the night while holding her father's hand on their way to the midnight mass in the small church. "Daddy!" she said, "look how beautiful the moon is tonight!"

(Moon opposition Chiron)



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