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Frequently asked questions

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  1. Do you offer personal chart readings?

    All Astrodienst reports are personal in that the text you get is based on your personal horoscope. The reports are computer-generated - our computers analyse your birth chart and put together a selection of pre-written text blocks according to a unique evaluation of the data. The selection is different for each report.
    Astrodienst does not offer person-to-person counselling.

  2. Can I read a sample of a particular report?

    Yes, you can. Please, go to the samples page to see which products are available in which languages, and to read a sample report.

  3. Are any of the reports you offer written by a real astrologer or are they all computerised horoscopes?

    Our horoscope content was written by astrologers. The complex rules and procedures how to recognise important chart patterns and how to translate this information into the composition of a report were also created by human experts of astrology and artificial intelligence. The actual work of composing a particular report is indeed done by computers, as trained by expert humans, continually supervised by humans, but in the daily work rarely assisted by human intervention.
    There is a lot of information on our website to throw more light on these issues:
    - an article by Liz Greene about computer horoscopes,
    - an article by Alois Treindl about Astro Intelligence,
    - complete sample horoscopes in many languages. In most samples, the 'Appendix' section has explanations about how the horoscopes were composed,
    - the short company history

  4. In what way is Robert Hand involved with Astrodienst? Can I contact him for questions concerning your services?

    Robert Hand is the author* of astrological reports and online features we offer at Astrodienst. He is not involved directly in the services offered at www.astro.com.

    Therefore we would like to ask you to refrain from contacting Robert Hand for any questions or comments concerning products or services at Astrodienst.

    * Most of the astrological texts by Robert Hand were written in the 1970s for the company Astral Research. Astrodienst acquired the company in 1998, and with it the world-wide exclusive copyrights for the texts. The same applies to John Townley and Robert Pelletier.


Als een van de grootste astrologie-portals biedt WWW.ASTRO.COM heel veel gratis materiaal over dit onderwerp. Dankzij kwalitatief hoogstaande interpretaties van wereldberoemde astrologen zoals Liz Greene, Robert Hand en andere auteurs, vele gratis horoscopen en uitgebreide informatie over astrologie, voor beginners en professionals, is www.astro.com het beste adres voor astrologie op het web.
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