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    18-Jun-2018, 02:25 UT/GMT
    Moon2616' 1"14n25
    TrueNode630' 9"18n39
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Frequently asked questions

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  1. What does "Astrodienst" mean? How is it pronounced?

    "Astrodienst" means "Astro Service".
    "Dienst" is German for "service", and is pronounced "deenst". "Astro" is not a particular word, but a common abbreviation for Astrology.

  2. For the Current Planets listed on the homepage, do you list the declinations, degrees N or S of the ecliptic?

    Yes, the declinations are listed in the column on the right. South appears as negative value.

  3. In the list of current planets on the homepage, what does the number left of the zodiac symbols refer to?

    The planet position is given in the following pattern {degree} {sign} {arc minute} {arc second}, for example: 23°31"02'. The planet is on exactly 23 deg. Leo 31 min. 02 sec. in Leo.

    The number on the left is the degree of the planet in the sign. The numbers to right of the symbol are arc minutes and arc seconds.

  4. How can I link to www.astro.com?

    For more information, go to the Astrodienst Link directory and click on "Register your website" and there on "Links to Astrodienst" in the left column menu.
    If you want us to link to your website, you can find the necessary information in the section "Register your website" of the Astrodienst link directory.

  5. Advertising on www.astro.com

    www.astro.com is among the largest websites with free horoscopes on the web. We invest a lot of work to be able to offer our users astrology at a high quality level. We are happy about the many thousand people who visit our website every day. In order to offer our webservices, we need an appropriate infra structure, like web servers, etc. The returns we receive from advertising help us to finance our free horoscopes and astrology articles. It is important to us that people with a small budget can also have access to good astrology.

    We are aware that some people may find the advertisements irritating. Unfortunately, we are not able to see which adverts a visitor of www.astro.com comes to see. The ads are placed individually for each visitor of the website by Google syndication, depending on location, language and other factors. Astrodienst has no direct contact with the advertisers and does not select them. If ads appear which are inappropriate, their domain name (URL) can and should be reported to Astrodienst. Such advertisers will be added to a list of blocked domain names and will not appear again.

    Appearance of ads: The ads presented by Astrodienst have a little box marked "[x] Advertisement" in their upper left corner, and you can close a particular ad so that it does not distract you while reading the page where it appeared. These ads never cover any of the content on the page, and they do not create popup windows. Should other kinds of ads appear on your screen while visiting astro.com, they might be created by other software (malware) on your computer. In such cases it is advised to use a search engine with keywords from the ads which appear, to get more information about this malware and how to get rid of it.

  6. No advertising for clients of Astrodienst

    If you have purchased a horoscope or a subscription, the website will be automatically free of advertising (if you are logged into your profile).

    Duration of the ad-free website:

    • Subscriptions: Duration of the subscription
    • Astro*Intelligence horoscopes: 12 months from date of purchase
    • Other horoscope readings: 6 months from date of purchase

    Please note that these periods are not cumulative, i.e. purchasing two reports instead of one will not result in a longer ad-free period.

    Note: Ads on the Astro Databank pages are not influenced by this option. The Astro Databank Wiki is technically independent from the rest of the website. The software used in the Wiki has no access to the user preferences in "My Astro" or to information on subscriptions.

  7. Is there an app for iPhone, Android, other smart phones or iPad?

    No, and there is currently none in the pipeline. Our website uses responsive design, so that it is adjusted to the size of the screen. This allows us to present a convenient display of astro.com on all mobile devises.
    However, we cannot support all types of and all old smartphones. We try to support iphones >= 3, Android > version 4.0 and Windows phones >= 8.0. not Symbian, not Blackberry. We have no access to such test devices.
    We guarantee operation of our website and related subscriptions for online services only on modern desktops with modern browsers.


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