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Frequently asked questions

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  1. What is a chart or horoscope drawing?

    A horoscope drawing (chart) is a map of the heavens and shows where the Sun, Moon and planets were at a particular time and place. Originally, the term meant "View of the Hour", and showed the distribution of the heavenly bodies around the Earth at a given moment, seen from some point on the Earth. The signs of the Zodiac are projected onto the heavens, in the shape of a sort of 'Zodiacal Belt' around the Earth. Since the Earth continually rotates, there is always an astrological sign rising in the East. This is called the rising sign, or Ascendant.
    The horizontal line dividing the chart into an upper and a lower half represents the horizon - some planets will be above the horizon, some below. Here we can also see what sign and planets are ascending (AC) or descending (DC). The vertical or near-vertical line shows the highest point (MC) in the sphere and the lowest (IC). The segments between these lines are called houses. These show a mathematical division of the space around us into segments. The drawing also shows the relationships between the Sun, Moon and planets; special angles between them are called aspects and are shown by coloured lines.
    This "view of the heavens" is the basis for any astrological chart interpretation. It has become common practice to call the actual interpretation of a chart a "horoscope".

  2. Do you give permission to publish your charts on other websites?

    You have permission to store personal charts or VIP charts of public interest as images (PNG, PDF, GIF, SVG, SVGZ) on your local computer, and to publish such images on other websites or news groups.
    This must be for private and/or educational purposes, i.e. you must not offer an astrological public service based on such charts.

  3. How can I see in my chart if my Mercury and Venus are morning or evening stars?

    Mercury or Venus is a morning star if this planet follows the Sun in the zodiac, i.e. is behind the Sun. It is an evening star if it precedes the Sun.
    For example:
    If the Sun is at 1° Aries and Mercury at 20° Pisces, Mercury is a morning star.
    If the Sun is at 1° Aries and Mercury at 12° Aries, Mercury is an evening star.
    The same rule applies to Venus.


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