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    23-Mar-2018, 17:57 UT/GMT
    Neptune1439' 4"6s53
    TrueNode1342' 7"r16n43
    Chiron2835' 9"2n35
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Extended Daily Horoscope, for 12 months (EHKM12)

Extended Daily Horoscope, for 12 months (EHKM12) USD 44.95 (=3.75/month)
EUR 41.95 (=3.50/month)
Extended Daily Horoscope, for 2 months (EHKM2) USD 17.95 (=8.98/month)
EUR 16.75 (=8.38/month)
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Extended Daily Horoscope, for 1 year / 2 months

  • The Daily Horoscope and the Love Horoscope can be shown for all natal data stored in "My Astro" from 36 months before to 12 months after the current date, as well as the Celestial Events (mundane).
  • All transits and influences calculated by the computer for a particular day can be selected and displayed.
  • Ad-free Website for the duration of the subscription
  • The subscription lasts for 12 or 2 months respectively from the date of your order. The Extended Daily Horoscope is activated after your payment.
  • This service is connected to your "My Astro" profile. In order to gain access to the Extended Daily Horoscope, you need to have registered for a personal user profile. In case you have no registered user profile, it will be created automatically when you place your order. Please, write down your registration data and do not delete your registered profile. Any change in the birth data of your profile will affect the outcome of the Daily Horoscope.
  • The Extended Daily Horoscope is for private use only and is subject to Astrodienst's copyright. Any commercial use or inclusion in other online services are prohibited, unless authorized by Astrodienst AG.

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