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Personal Daily Horoscope of Thursday, 29 September 2016
for James Eagan Holmes [Adb], born 13 December 1987

A painful sting

Valid during many months: There could well be a very painful argument if you react in an unconsidered manner during this time. Without warning one word leads to another until you suddenly show yourself to be hard and hostile in order to cover up one of your own weaknesses. In this way you can hurt your partner, a friend, or someone else to whom you are close, so that you greatly reproach yourself afterwards.

This person will probably ask, directly or indirectly, for your sympathy. Unfortunately, in such a way that you are reminded of one of your own hurts - a situation in which you had to rely on the sympathy of others. At that time your appeals were rejected or you were belittled, and for that reason you now thoughtlessly refuse to help, even if you are normally a considerate and sympathetic person.

As your own experience probably took place in the distant past, you have forgotten or suppressed it because it was too painful or shameful. For this reason there is a danger that your reaction - presumably unintentionally - will go unnoticed by you or you will only become aware of it when the other person has already been alienated. It could be too late then, and such wounds are often hard to make good.

That is why it is important during this time to be careful during all interactions with people who are close to you. Pay attention when you feel a painful sting. If you remain aware of your feelings and reactions during all personal contacts, you will certainly recognize the situation described above - perhaps even before it occurs. Then you can show the other person the sympathy that you once so urgently needed yourself. In this way, you will not only prevent a distinct rift in your relationship with this person, you will also recognize your own wound.

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"Understanding limitations" (Uranus trine Saturn) (L)
"Self-assertive energies" (Mars in 5th house) (L)
"Commercial affairs" (Mercury in 2nd house) (L)
"To be and to have" (Sun in 2nd house) (L)
"Sweet talk" (Mercury trine Venus) (L)
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