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Personal Daily Horoscope of Wednesday, 17 January 2018
for Diana K. Rosenberg [Adb], born 9 April 1933

Healing and wholeness

Valid during many months: Under this influence healing and being healed are especially favored. If you are in a healing or helping profession you can now successfully resolve some difficult cases. Each treatment requires not only knowledge but also an intelligent recognition, a sympathetic insight. You could well gain this kind of insight during this time, if you would just be as sympathetic as you would wish others to be, were you in this situation yourself.

This influence is also especially suited for every type of operation on body and soul, whether you undertake this on another person or on yourself. Examples of this range from a surgical operation to having shoes fitted, glasses made or fillings put in, or getting a new hairstyle or some other "beauty treatment" - all these things, whether initiated or completed now, will clearly benefit from this quality of time.

On the psychological level, a sympathetic understanding is an essential prerequisite when one wants to be healed or made whole. Consultations or meetings with a psychologist, marriage advisor, astrologer and others will lead you - or your clients if you yourself are the advisor - to psychological depths during this time, which can usually only be reached with great difficulty. This will mainly involve old wounds, injuries or complexes to do with the body or sexuality. So it is quite possible that you have such a conversation or experience with your partner, or some other person close to you, during this time. It would be only too human to avoid this situation for fear of the pain connected with it; this is often easier in the private sphere than in a therapeutic situation. But, of course, you should not do so, as healing and becoming whole in this area, demand certain preconditions which are not readily to be found, but which are, during this quality of time, especially favored.

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