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Personal Daily Horoscope of Friday, 25 July 2014
for Petrine Day Mitchum [Adb], born 3 March 1952
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Big plans
You are inclined to make big plans and set long-range goals under this influence as well as to examine the goals you already have. The advantage you have now is your ability to see the whole picture and to think in terms of large structures. You are more inclined to think in ideal, abstract terms. But also your foresight and planning ability make this a favorable time for most commercial transactions and business deals. However, there is a negative side to this influence that can be destructive if you are not aware of it. You are sloppy about details and inclined to overlook any elements that don't fit neatly into your grand vision. Also there is a danger that in communicating with others you may adopt an arrogant or self- righteous tone that will alienate them and set them working against you.

The interpretation above is for your transit selected for today:
Mercury square Jupiter, MercurySquareJupiter, exact at 02:59 
activity period from 24 July 2014 until 25 July 2014
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Moon square Jupiter, exact at 12:15 (L)
Moon square Neptune, exact at 21:24 (L)
Moon trine Sun, exact at 04:37 (L)
Moon in 6th house, from 04:59  (L)
Moon trine Mars, exact at 10:26 (L)
Moon opposition Chiron, exact at 00:38 (L)
Moon trine Mercury, exact at 23:07 (L)
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