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Personal Daily Horoscope of Thursday, 2 April 2015
for Vanessa Paradis [Adb], born 22 December 1972
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Power play
This is a good day for getting to the bottom of any problem, either in a relationship or in some other encounter between you and another person. Or you may become involved in an intellectual conflict of wills with another person. Someone may try very hard today to convince you of some truth that you would rather not accept, or you may do this to someone else. It can go either way. Be very careful about these attempts to persuade, because they can become the basis of a very subversive, smoldering conflict between you and another person. It may be hard to bring such a confrontation out into the open where the two of you can air your grievances. And it may be that there aren't any real grievances at all, but that one of you is trying to pull off a naked power play.

The interpretation above is for your transit selected for today:
Mercury opposition Pluto, MercuryOppositionPluto, exact at 10:56 
activity period from 1 April 2015 until 2 April 2015
Every Thursday (until revoked) there is free access to all transits listed below.
Other transits occurring today

Mercury trine Venus, exact at 09:29 (L)
Venus opposition Ascendant, exact at 19:38 (L)
Mars in 6th house, from 08:59  (L)
Venus in 7th house, from 19:38  (L)
Moon square Saturn, exact at 04:49 (L)
Moon sextile Ascendant, exact at 11:53 (L)
Moon sextile Mars, exact at 21:28 (L)
Moon trine Jupiter, exact at 03:49 (L)
Moon sextile Moon, exact at 23:02 (L)
Important long-term influences     (overview)

"A chance for change" (Uranus sextile Saturn) (L)
"On target" (Saturn sextile Pluto) (L)
"Harsh realizations" (Saturn conjunction Venus) (L)
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