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Love Horoscope of Friday, 19 January 2018
for Aleksandra Jaworska, born 18 May 1993

Joining in

Valid during several weeks: You are now very enterprising but under no circumstances do you want to go it alone. Call your friends and meet up with them. You could try just going up to people or joining some kind of group (sports club, internet chat rooms, adult learning classes ... read the local ads!) If you don't find anything of any interest, you could place your own ad in the newspaper.

This advice could also be useful if you are looking for a new relationship. You enjoy being out and about and prefer informal surroundings. Try to take a relaxed approach when looking for a new partner. Any new contacts could help you to find a new love in your life.

Even long-term relationships need new contacts from time to time because they can be a source of inspiration, breathe new life into a relationship and introduce new topics for discussion. Don't suppress your need for variety because it is completely natural.

The interpretation above is for your transit selected for today:
Mars in 3rd house,  3,
activity period from 10 January 2018 until mid-March 2018
Other transits occurring today
Moon sextile Moon, exact at 00:48 
Moon square Pluto, exact at 03:40 
Moon trine MC, exact at 09:27 
Moon square Sun, exact at 10:40 
Moon conjunction Saturn, exact at 15:15 
Moon square Mercury, exact at 16:29 
Moon in 6th house, from 23:31  
Important long-term influences     (overview)
"A burden shared is a burden halved" (Chiron square MC)
"A helpful hint" (Jupiter square Chiron)
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